Weekend Update

There were lots of festivities and fun this weekend and I am ready to start a new week!

I went to the largest Brazilian Mardi Gras party outside of Brazil, and found a great money making opportunity: Scalping. There were literally hundreds of people dressed up and ready to get inside, but had no tickets. We bought ours from a scalper and paid double what they cost. Immediately we had people offering us double what WE paid for them! Obviously, you know I will be making some extra cash next year :)

Speaking of festivities…

A regular practice of mine is trying to get pizza on 6th Street for cheap as possible. After the bars let out at 2:00 am, everyone crowds the hot dog, bratwurst and pizza stands. Since these are generally independently run operations, I always haggle and get pizza for a lower price. Some people call this being cheap (which I am), but I see it as more of a challenge or game. My personal best is getting 3 slices of pizza for $3.00. That particular establishment charges $2.50 per slice. I deserve a trophy!

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