What I Did Today Wednesday Jan. 16th 2007

Exciting title no?

  • Woke up at 11:00am (I went to bed late last night)
  • Sent out HouseOfRave & BodyMonkey orders + handled existing customer issues.
  • Created a new section of Neon Signs to HouseOfRave. Added the section + all the products. Went faster than normal because everything in this section is priced the same.
  • Created the banner for the above Neon Signs page.
  • Created the copy, screenshots and other images for my upcoming sale of PalmReport.com.
  • Rode bike to gym. 4.6 Miles.
  • Rock climbed for one hour at rock gym + weights. My fingers and forearms are starting to get re-acclimated to the large stresses placed on them when climbing. I’m getting to the point where I can complete level 3 tracks decently well.
  • Rode bike back from gym. 4.6 Miles. Going back is was so much easier after a good workout gets you pumped.
  • I’ve started eating a whole lot more fruit recently. Today I ate 4 bananas, 8 clementines and 2 tomatos.
  • Read several chapters in the book I’m currently reading: ‘CIA, Inc. Espionage and the Craft of Business Intelligence’
  • Wrote out this list of things I did.
  • Timed everything I did.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to keep time of the things I do so I can speed everything up and do more work. As the old saying goes, “Anything that is measured and watched, improves.” Actually, that’s from What Would Bob Do.

So about a week ago

so I could start timing all the little tasks I do. So whenever I start handling the HouseOfRave.com orders for the day, I start the clock and try to beat my estimated time.

One of the scary things about timing yourself is seeing how LITTLE work you actually do. Whenever I have a boring task to complete, it feels like an hour, but unless my $12 Wal-Mart stopwatch is wrong, it only took me 18 minutes. Instead of going downstairs to get a quick snack after the task, I’ll realize it only took a few minutes and keep working on something else.

On the flip side it also keeps me from spending too much time on something. For example as I was making the Disco Ball section banner for HouseOfRave I had to stop myself and just upload what I had as the clock started ticking past 10 then 15 minutes. I usually have fun doing those kinds of Photoshop tasks, but tinkering around with different backgrounds and fonts for an hour doesn’t increase productivity.

Of course there’s a bunch of stuff I don’t document here, but I like looking back to see what I was doing at a similar date the previous year. This at least gives me a little snapshot.

Blog posted on: January 17, 2008

8 comments on “What I Did Today Wednesday Jan. 16th 2007

  1. Dave P.

    Good post, I thought it was interesting that what you thought took a long time only took 18 minutes lol.


  2. Mike


    Are you out of your mind? Quit already with the bananas (that many) and the mandarin oranges (that many).

    Both are very full of sugar. One of each a day is quite enough.

    -Mike O’Connor

  3. Anonymous

    Nice stopwatch – big, easy to read screen, and it even looks backlit! Fancy-doo.
    I think that timing everything will lead to inevitable competition with yourself – at least in a case like yours, where you seem to have the competitive juices flowing, anyway. It could actually work as a form of personal insurance to increase your overall productivity, if you stick with it!
    I might follow suit, man. Really, I might. Oh, and that IS a ton of bananas. Keep that up and you could be heading for a major poo…

  4. HerEveryCentCounts

    It’s so true that without looking at our wasteful we are with our time, we’re ultimately wasting a lot of minutes that could be used more productively. I think I’m going to try out that stopwatch idea… I’m pretty sure this heart monitor watch I bought has one on it… if I can figure out how to work the contraption.

  5. Tajwar Alexander

    hey man.

    I hope all is well with you.
    I started using the stopwatch idea when putting things in my Ebay store.
    This concept really helps you stay on task…which can be quite difficult when you are posting things on the net.:-)

    Dude, thanks for the inspiration. Because I saw you doing a real internet business I saw that it was possible an now I have one of my own!

    Till’ next time.


    Are you still interested in E-books?


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