What I’ve been doing with this HoR Product

A goal from this February was to “Complete HoR Product” (that’s House Of Rave) for those of you with dirty minds….

I did complete it, and I must say it was more work than I expected.  I asked for questions people had and got some great feedback via comments and emails.

I’ve never built a digital product before, so learning the new technical things was time consuming yet fun.  Fortunately I DO have some experience making videos, so this part was easy…but editing them was a new beast.  Turns out that part is fun also :-)

My goal was to create a digital “course” that people could go through step-by-step that would show three very frequently asked questions I get from friends, family and strangers:

  1. What is HouseOfRave and how did it start?
  2. How does it actually work?  How do you send orders?  How do you make profit? Who sends the products out?  etc etc etc…(lots of questions answered in this segment).
  3. How can I do it too?

Those are the three main BROAD CATEGORIES I’ve identified.  I used those categories to break the product into three parts since each part has MANY sub-questions.

I wanted to give anyone the chance to get a “private tour” from me of House Of Rave…the kind I’d give a curious friend or family member….but that usually takes a long time and involves us both being at a computer for an extended period of time.  Unfortunately I can’t give THAT many people a tour…till now.

People are always FASCINATED to see behind the scenes of the business….as most people have never seen behind the scenes at ANY business, especially one like mine.

There’s usually too many questions people have to get answered in a single email (or 10)…so this course seemed like the coolest way to do it.

I’ve been pretty transparent with House of Rave in the past, but it’s definitely created some problems being so open.  That’s why for this product I will be charging a small fee.  Not only do I feel justified in doing this, but I also think it’s WORTH IT.  I pretty much open the kimono to House Of Rave and show all the numbers, analytics etc and how everything works.

Will anyone buy it?  Who knows….

…but I do feel proud of the work done.

I made a members-only webpage with all the content on it.  This is actually a departure from my traditional blog-only format, as it has too much content for just screenshots and text.  I wanted to literally SHOW people what I’m doing, so there’s a lot of personal video and screen capture.  I was actually astounded at how much more information can be conveyed over a single video than a full blog post.

Here’s some screenshots of the members only area I made:

Here’s the first page called “How HoR Started” which goes over how and why I started this little “experiment” when I was 17.  I’m hoping this part will inspire a lot of people to realize that “even they can do it” …as I had very little experience when I started this biz.  It also shows the process of HOW I started it, came up with the idea, researched it etc….

The next section is called “How It Works” and is what I consider the real “meat” of the product.  This section took the absolute longest to make, and shows ALL the behind-the-scenes stuff people don’t get to see unless I personally show them.

I know this will shed some insight into this type of business to people who are curious.  It also shows you how easy it is to currently run!

Each of those videos is anywhere between 5 minutes and 20 minutes.  The videos take BY FAR THE LONGEST to film edit and upload.  So while that page is only 5 or 6 pages long, it has A LOT of great content.

I found myself re-watching some of my own videos because they were so interesting!

The next part is entitled “How You Do It” and it goes over two main points.  The first is how you can sell one item online almost immediately…I even show a real life example of setting up a very simple site and allowing people to buy from it with a credit card…with ZERO DOLLARS investment and the whole process takes less than 5 minutes and involves no webpage building or programming.

I think that part is very important to show people, because they often make it WAY TOO HARD IN THEIR HEADS.  They think to sell ONE item they need all sorts of programs, subscriptions, merchant accounts blah blah blaaahhh… not true.

The second thing I show is how to build an ecommerce store in less than an hour with zero programming skills.  I show the free way of doing this (slightly harder), and the paid way of doing it (super-duper-cooper-easy).  This part smashed the myth that all this ecommerce or “selling stuff online” business is complicated.  I want people to take action in this part, because simply doing some small project like this will teach them more than reading about it all day long.

The product is 95% done…all the content is completed, I’m just working out the password protection part and payment then I’ll release it soon!

Blog posted on: March 3, 2011

20 comments on “What I’ve been doing with this HoR Product

  1. Joshua

    This is a great idea Nev. I’m sure people will pay for it, although I notice you didn’t mention a price so I imagine you’re still trying to figure out what to charge? I’m not really interested in building a drop-shipping company but I’d pay just to see the whole thing in motion — it’s definitely knowledge worth paying for.

    1. Neville Post author

      Thanks! I know it’ll be helpful to many people, even if they DON’T want to build an ecommerce store.

      I know “some” people will buy it as a lot of peeps have expressed big time interest already, but this is the first time I’ve done something like this, so I have no idea what to anticipate.

      Let me know if you have any suggestions for it!

  2. Mike Roberts

    The videos look real sharp, nice job man. I bet it was cool filming these and re-living the steps that you took to build the business.

    In real life, it’s very messy to build a solid biz, but when you put in the work to re-create the exact steps you took, and make them into a clear outline, it makes it easy to follow for the viewer and fun for you to watch back!

    props man,


    1. Neville

      Yea it was pretty fun to make, and I’m actually pretty proud of the work.

      I know people will learn a LOT even in the first few videos of the course!

  3. Mark

    Hey. In the video/course will you name the drop shipper you use and how to select the right drop shipping company? I had set up an ecommerce/drop-shipping site about 8 years ago, but the dropshipper SUCKED and I ended up taking losses and customers never came back. I also have another friend who uses another dropshipper, but his margins are very small, so if he doesn’t meet a certain volume for the month, he’ll lose money. So far, he’s been fairly successful (well, at least in the past 6 months).

    Also, in total…how long are all the videos together?

    1. Neville

      Like I said, it’s definitely fully open.

      I also talk about how to find suppliers, and I’ll give you a hint: It’s NOT going on Google and typing in:
      “(INSERT PRODUCT HERE) + Supplier”

      I’ve always worked out deals that are pretty simple and very effective for both myself and the supplier (and you don’t have to put up a bunch of money which always helps when you HAVE NO MONEY)!

      That’s actually one of the videos in the course.

      As for how long are all the videos together….I have no idea, nor does it really matter much. So long I get the content across very clearly I’m happy. I don’t want to load the videos with crap just to make the total hours of video higher.

      I think you’d actually be a good person to watch this course since you have all these questions :-)

  4. TawnyFan

    Nev, I bet you haven’t mentioned a price because you are waiting for someone to come up with a price-point in the comments. Well, I would be willing to pay about $10 for the info. I bet a lot of others would be willing to as well.

    Your blog posts are informative, so I would expect the same from the paid product.

  5. Ahmet Gurel

    Hey Neville, it would be really useful if you could include tips for non-us citizens to build dropshipping businesses in US. Since you are telling that it does not require you to see the products etc. I am wondering if I could run a business from my house in Istanbul.

    Thanks, looking forward to buy the product


    1. Neville


      Actually the good part of drop shipping is it won’t really matter WHERE you are.

      I’ve been in India for over a month one time and 100% ran the business from there….my supplier didn’t even notice!

      You’ll really appreciate this product. Hope you consider checking it out when it releases this month!

  6. Brandon

    I’d pay $300. If the content really is specific enough to go from zero to a full blown sustainable internet business, it’d be more than worth it.

    1. Neville

      Thanks man!! I’m going to make it more affordable than $300, but I sincerely believe it is worth that much.

      I really want people to be inspired by this and learn a lot, and some people won’t be able to afford $300.

      But I do appreciate the suggestion, good to know you’re willing to pay for VALUE.

  7. Michael


    This is great! The homebound disabled community (like myself) would benefit greatly from a course like this. As a long time reader of your blog you have tons of integrity and I know we’ll get quality content.

    1. Neville

      I always thought what I do would be GREAT for homebound people (since pretty much everything I do is from my desk at my apartment).

      I also appreciate the compliments….this is a great product in my opinion (not that I’m biased or anything) ;-)

      But I have put a lot of work into it and are very PROUD of the product already. I’d say my best work. It’ll be good course…I hope you’ll be interested in checking it out!

  8. Jason L

    Hey Nev,
    I’ve been a latecomer to your blog, but I’m really enjoying it so far. One question for you regarding the HOR website… how big of a role do you feel SEO plays? Obviously your blog is a great driver of traffic, but I’m wondering how important you view your SEO efforts to be as well for organic traffic?

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  10. Hylan

    Great stuff. This reminds me a little bit of Ramit’s Earn 1k On the Side business model. I totally agree on monetizing the information you provide to people who are interested in how you started your business.

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