Which hair color

I want you to vote what color my hair should become:

BLUE, GREEN, RED….or enter your own color suggestion:

Whatever color wins, I’m going to dye my hair that color!

One time before I turn 30 (Nov. 17th) I wanna make my hair a weird color.

I have no idea why.
I’ve just want to for a while.

In fact this is probably an all-around bad decision since I do a lot of video stuff….and I’ll be talking about a serious subject with dumb-ass looking green hair!

Keep in mind I’ve made my hair “blonde-ish” many times:

….and not one person has EVVEERR told me, “Wow, that looks really good on you.”

But I’m still gonna do it.  Vote for what color you wanna see in the form above!

Blog posted on: April 1, 2012

25 comments on “Which hair color

  1. Modest Money

    I’d say go with green too. You are running a finance blog after all and what color says money like green?

    I dyed my hair blondish once before and didn’t get any compliments either lol. It would be fun to do some crazy color though.

  2. Arik Ermshaus

    Crazy people make crazy decisions. Go forward, dude—great idea.

    EVERYBODY will keep this “indian dude with red hair (my recommendation)” in mind…with a “DIE WANTREPRENEUR”-Shirt!

      1. Arik Ermshaus

        Dude, you know what would look awesome?

        YOU with WHITE HAIR…never saw that before!

        And to the girls kinda thing…what happened when you had blond hair, any girls at all? :-D

  3. Anonymous

    “…and I’ll be talking about a serious subject with dumb-ass looking green hair!”

    Um, I think you already made your decision. And if not, Noah did. Ha! :)

    Go for it. I turned 34 yesterday (I know, a blonde born on April Fool’s Day) and I’ve been thinking of putting some funky fresh colored highlights in my hair. I haven’t manic panic’d since 8th grade. This will be fun. Or, not. :)

  4. LV Granger


    You are the friggin MAN!

    Your kopywriting skills are sick. I have personally bought just about every class you have offered thru appsumo—they kick ass.

    I like blue.

    Knock em dead…


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