William Parrott of Morgan Stanley

Today was another meeting with the University Investors Association, and the guest speaker was William Parrott of Morgan Stanley. He is head of the entire Austin branch of Morgan Stanley which has recently moved to a brand new state-of-the-art facility in downtown Austin.

He is leaving town for a week, but when he comes back I am scheduled to go meet him at the beautiful Frost Bank Tower where Morgan Stanley is located and take a tour. I’m excited to see this place!

I wake up every morning before 8:30 am to catch the opening of the market, it would be great to be around active money managers when this happens! If I am lucky, I might even get a shot at a job there!

Blog posted on: February 4, 2005

5 comments on “William Parrott of Morgan Stanley

  1. Anonymous

    if you want to sell portfolios structured on mutual funds, or sell variable annuities.. go for it. If you want to manage money: find an asset manager with over 100 mill in assets (the less employess, the better)…….. Morgan has been a mess since 2001, trust me.. a great education and salary, but no real future

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