With 42 minutes to spare….

WHOA….I was just shy of having to give away my bike to a filthy bum right now.

One of my October 2010 goals was doing two HoR pic or video reviews per week.  What I didn’t realize was these first two days of October are kind of a half-week (those sneaky little bastards):

I figured a half week = half work….so at least ONE HoR review should be done in that time.

Well it’s Saturday night, and since I’m such a good boy I decided to finish my obligatory work before I go out.

I did a quick and easy picture set (and video…but decided this product didn’t need it) and posted it on HoR:

Nev = 1
Bum = 0

Blog posted on: October 2, 2010

3 comments on “With 42 minutes to spare….

  1. Alex Koloskov

    Hi Neville

    I’m reading your blog for a few years now, but never actually asked any question. this post of yours made me think – I have a long story of making promises or bets with myself, somewhat similarnto yours about the bike and the bum and in many cases, unfortunately, whenever I began to fail I have started to compromise with myself. Imagine for a second that you actually didn’t catch the fact that first week of October ends now. What would you do? How it would affect your monthly goals if you knew from the beginning that you already lost? Would you compromise with yourself and, for example, made double efforts next week and call it even? Or would you still give the bike to the bum out of principle?

    It’s actualy kind of a common problem for goal setting – you say something along the lines of “I will wake up at 6 am each and every morning this month” and the first morning you wake up at 10am. Does it automatically means you lost right at the start line and there’s no point to continue the pursuit of the goal? Or you find a compromise and the way to catch up. Or just try to get the best possible result out of your promise even though technically you already lost the best?

    Thanks for the reply,

    1. Neville Post author

      Good question Alex,

      I think in this case I wouldn’t necessarily consider these first two days a “WEEK”…however your example of not waking up early enough is different.

      Your example is concrete:
      If you wake up after 6am….you lose. That’s it.

      I also don’t like to think of most of the small little details like that. You should be true to your goal as you possibly can within reason.

      Don’t try to sweat small stuff too much…but also don’t get in the habit of compromising all the time.

      However if next Monday through Sunday I DON’T get two pics/videos done…I’ll give away that bike!

  2. RAM

    Have you ever think about organize a small contest to raffle some of your stuff. For example if you have a good camera that you didnt use anymore, you could sell tickets using your blog or any webpage and see how many people are interested. Then by the end of the month you pick a ticket and that one would be the winner of the camera.

    Maybe you could sell that old camera on ebay for 50 bucks, but also you can sell 20 tickets for 5 bucks each one and you would get a 100 bucks by the end of the month

    It would be an interesting experiment


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