Working from home – Pros and Cons

If you’ve ever worked from home before…..or WANT to work from him, this might interest you.

There’s some really cool things about working from home, and really sucky things.

I’ve always liked working from home or coffee shops.

Even till this day, I only go into our office whenever I start slowing down at home. This is simply because I get a lot of GREAT WORK done at home…..but then after few hours I get distracted and unproductive.

Here’s some of the pros, cons, tips & tricks we’ve all learned from working at home:

Blog posted on: October 5, 2012

16 comments on “Working from home – Pros and Cons

  1. Jon Michael

    Shit! Trying to be productive but being unproductive watching YouTube videos about being productive. Gotta head to the coffee shop! Thanks Sumos… great video. I like this new thing you’re trying… this whole raining down superior sumo knowledge thing. I like it. I like it a lot.

    1. Neville Post author

      We actually USED to do when I wrote all the kopy myself.

      When we started getting bigger, kuality & kopy went down a bit.

      “Things they are-a changin”
      -Bob Dylan

  2. Matthew G. Monroe

    Sumos: Sincerely love all the suggestions that I heard, and I know that these videos are being made spur of the moment ghetto-style but –– Sweet Jeezus! –– couldn’t you have recorded the video someplace where there wasn’t a lawn crew working nearby? Honestly, it was such great content coming from all you guys, but that constant leaf blower/lawn mower noise in the background was more irritating than a Celine Dion song.

    Yes, worse than “My Heart Will Go On.”

    Just sayin’.

    1. Neville

      We tried to file an injunction in the Senate room near where we were filming….but alas they voted on it and said WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR VIDEO!

      It was a landmark case:
      Lawnmovers vs. AppSumo

      1. Matthew G. Monroe

        But, Neville, I care about your video. More importantly, I care about your audio, and your ability to get a message across.

        Lawnmowers vs. AppSumo? I wouldn’t say that the lawnmowers won, though they did present their case in a more compelling (or, at least, louder) manner.

        Not to keep rehashing the subject, but if a lawn crew is working fifty feet away from you and you’re trying to record a video, just go to some place else that’s nice and quiet… Like a coffee shop. Or a taco stand. Or the AppSumo office. Or even to your apartment’s hot tub.

        Yeeeeeah… The hot tub.

  3. Arik Ermshaus

    Love working from home or from a cafe.

    Actually, most of the time I work I do it while sitting in the living room and having people around me, ALSO made the experience that you get alotta more shit done when

    working in company. I’d say the perfect solution is, when you got a office to go but you don’t have to ;-)

    Kinda like a place you can go and meet teammades and work in groups but you’re not forced to fucking stand up every single day at the same time and have all these common routines.

    They suck!

    Great dojo!

    1. Neville

      Being FORCED to go to a place and work, and WILLINGLY going to a place and working, is a whole different thing.

      I go to the office when I WANT to go….not when I’m FORCED to go… it makes it very pleasant.

  4. Nate Shivar

    I have a hard time getting into a workflow at home. My hack is that I live in a University town – about a 5 minute bike ride from the Student Learning Center. It’s a GREAT place to work. Quieter than a cafe, but still different than home. And all the students studying for mid-terms is a big push away from distractions.

  5. Arnuld Ignacio

    Heh, imagine me traveling 1.5hrs to work and about 2 hrs to go back home every single day. Now that I’m working at home, I was earning twice as much and I get to enjoy a lot of time with the kids.

  6. Jason

    I’ve worked from home for the last 8 years or so as a copywriter, and one of the tough things is that I often feel like I’m in a grey area. I’m never quite fully plugged in and never fully unplugged. I’ve been practicing just being totally okay with having an unplugged day full of Starcraft 2 and Game of Thrones, and then I feel better when it’s time to plug back in.


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