Working…or not

At the beginning of this month one of my goals was to make a blog post every 2 days on this blog…well my last one was THREE days ago, so I need to make up (Carnaval in Austin definitely got in the way)!

I have 12 minutes to write/edit/publish this post before the security guard at the library kicks me out, so here goes:

I just read a post by Dave (brought my attention by Adam’s Twitter stream) about his transition from having a job to owning a business.  I always like it when people take that leap, even if it doesn’t work out, I’m sure they will learn a massive amount.

It made me reflect on my own experience with this.  I’ve never had a job except one in college where I did NOTHING but work on my own businesses then promptly quit when they made me do work.

After college I never got a job…I didn’t (still don’t) even have a resume.  I simply continued running my businesses I had already started.  It’s really the only way of working I’ve ever known, and I must say…I like it.    Judging by the way most people talk about their jobs, it seems I’ve made the correct choice.

One thing I really like about owning a business, aside from all the fun stuff like being able to label your own role or change what you do by starting a new business….all your success depends entirely on you.

In ten years if I’m homeless and living on the side of the road, you can point directly at the person whose fault that was.  I like that responsibility because it puts you in charge of your destiny a little more than working for someone else.  In a sense, they control your future.  If they go out of business, you do too.

I know people who worked for Dell at the right time in history who made millions on stock options, and people who worked the same jobs a few years later who weren’t quite as fortunate.  That irks me.  It’s kind of a lottery you play.  You COULD get successful, but your involvement doesn’t dictate it.

Ok, the guard is giving me the stink-eye, time to jet!

Blog posted on: February 22, 2010

9 comments on “Working…or not

  1. Scardy Cat

    I would really like to see a post of things that inspire you. I’ve read most books on your recommended reading, but I like it when you add blog sites such as Dave Pit. I’m working on getting into business myself, but I never feel secure enough. How many streams of income/businesses do you have running? What helps you feel secure to run your own businesses? Okay, I’m asking too much. Anyway, keep up with the blog posts!

  2. Neville


    The inspiration comes from many, many places. I constantly read stories from books/magazines/newspaper/internet about people starting small and getting big.

    I’m not sure why people feel scared, I’ve never fully understood that. Most of my businesses were started with extremely small budgets….usually less than $100 usually got them started…what’s to be scared about?

    I know people who start more expensive businesses, but they do their due diligence upfront and eliminate a lot of the unnecessary risk by not driving into the business blind.

    If you read my House of Rave story, you’ll see I didn’t know much about business when I started it. I knew some web design and computer stuff, but applying it to eCommerce was a learning process I just stumbled through:

  3. Scardy Cat

    Being scared has to do with the repercussions. An example is that in your experiment you know you’re using their name and frames when you shouldn’t. How are you protected if they find out you made tons of cash (if you continued the same way you are now) and sue you? Same with being fined or put jailed for not having proper licenses. Maybe it’s over-thinking the situation?

  4. Mick

    Good on you. I would so though that a good thing about having a job is experience in the sense of working with others, as a team.

  5. Lillie

    You sound as if you are made of the great stuff that every solid businessman should have. Just sensing your dedication to make anything that you are involved in work, I doubt if you will be homeless in the next ten years. In fact, I bet that we will be reading some great things about. Twelve minutes to write the blog and get it done! To me that shows your discipline, motivation, organizational skils and dedication to make anything happen.

  6. hmetcalf27

    hey but wait, no one is talking about the title. working… or not.

    nev, does that mean you are considering getting a job. or you’ve thought about it? i would be interested to know your thoughts on that as i’m in the same boat as you: never had a real job.

  7. Bill Tusker

    Blogging in the last 12 minutes before the library closes. I have to say, I admire your dedication. There are some interesting ideas on here. I’m glad I found it.


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