Blog posted on: April 24, 2013

9 comments on “Worth slightly more to most

  1. Alex

    That’s awesome Neville!

    Its amazing how being picky in your business really makes your potential clients value your service more.

  2. Mike G

    Haha, one thing i learned in life never apologize for anything you did not intend to be hurtful, because it just makes you look like a wus.

  3. Kris

    Haha! Great!

    Revere psychology working like a charm. He was looking for you to start begging for his business.

    Keep up the fun.

  4. Jerry

    This guy Gavin sounds like a bonehead (where can you get any decent marketing book for less than $10?), but come on Neville it seems like he got a reaction out of you. Not everyone is going to want to pay X for your products and that’s just the nature of business. However, this dialogue/blog post adds brand value and got you twitter attention.

  5. Ayub

    When people say something is too expensive, that means you haven’t conveyed or showed enough benefit. Instead of having spammed 5 wacky and humorous emails (which does get the opened), you should have put more effort into them individually. You didn’t convince me and a lot of other people why we should pay $100 for printed articles. I bet if you would have put more effort into that, you could have sold them all in 1 email.


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