Write Whatever You Want!

I always like experimenting with cool little widgets. I was thinking of putting this one on FacebookProfile.com as kind of a gimmick, here is a LIVE test version which can be freely written on by anyone:

I like this little widget because it allows visitors to instantly post comments, links, insults or any funny thing they can think of. It’s also funny and interesting to see the ridiculous things people write when they are completely anonymous!

View the history of the messages here:

Blog posted on: June 27, 2006

17 comments on “Write Whatever You Want!

  1. me2press

    Great widget I want to use it on my site gotravelportugal.com for travel reviewws. Where did you get it Nev. I would love to get the code.

  2. Anonymous

    If anyone feels like being inspired by REAL entrepreneurs under 30 … oddly, Nev is not on the list:


    Over the past several months on Inc.com, we’ve been gathering nominations in hopes of finding some of nation’s most dynamic young entrepreneurs. And, oh, was it fun to pour through them. From dumplings to lifesaving medical devices to custom T-shirts, it quickly became clear that innovation today extends to a range of industries wider than that of their entrepreneurial elders.

    We weren’t looking solely at revenue (though we do have multimillionaires). What we set out to find were entrepreneurs with great potential — those that have already found business success, through their inventions or ideas or strategies, but whose best days are almost surely still ahead of them. Companies, and people, you might want to keep an eye on. We certainly will.

  3. Anonymous

    I do not mean to be petty but $2500 from HoR is not $3000. YOU CAN’T CROSS IT OFF AS DONE, YET. Your math has been generous as usual when it comes to counting income and less than honest on expense accounting. Plus all that hidden stuff…you are on your way to be another “Enron-like” crook.
    That $7500/month goal has been pushed out at least 12 months now. And I see it is on for fall now, pushing it out even more. Not a mention of that, IS THERE?
    You have many juvenile admirers based on your previous post’s “TRY OUTS”, who clearly do not see any issues in your activities.
    Plus have you sunk to the same juvenile level by suggesting “retaliation”? I have always thought you a bit immature for a college graduate, that statement just confirmed it. Retaliation? Grief!!!!

  4. yoyoyoyoyo

    yo my name nikki. i live in new york. and i just want to write wat ever sooooooooooooooooooooooo. i bord and my nick name is nikki lelelelelelelelelelele and i say that is a BIG nick name. it has 11 le’s in it now bye cuz my name is nikki now everyone who reads this make a wee ocount cuz i on that and my username is gogogogogogogo123nikkicooley… and talk to me so bye.

  5. CJDJ

    Im 10 years old and I wanna be a rapper CJ is gonna be my stage name CJDJ is gonna be my Rapper name when I become famous щнö тнíñķš i сàñ маķė ťħάт нáρρёň

  6. CJDJ

    chech out my new song
    Date writen:2012

    My thoughts are spamatic I rap like im an atic i act like im addicted to smack like im kmathers you all are bad apples but challenge me to a rap battle you will get your ass handed to yourself faster than when you see em’ pass by actin all fly i think they should all die and Only I will be cool is the newbie the nova everybody get closa to me to becauseI have the balls To say it in front of yall because I dont even think before I talk and Im a freek show because you can’t miss me Im White,blonde hair,and my nose is pointy you know the chorus sing it for me im a newbie im the nova get a little bit closa (Repeat 3 more times)


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