Your “Investment” Account

As I’m doing this NevBox promotion, I got a small amount of people asking if I could sell more next month so they could buy it (when they got their paychecks).

Since I’ve already sent all the Malaysian-child-labor-slaves home after assembling the boxes, The answer is NO……but there was something more important about this question:

These people didn’t have $97 on-hand to improve the knowledge in their heads!

I’ve NEVEEERRR had this problem since I started making money…..not because I was super rich, but because I immediately created something called:

The Investment Account.

My “investment account” was simply a checking account I had with my bank (BankOfAmerica) where I would put 30% of all the money I made.

Yes, 30% of every shred of money that came my way….would go straight into this account.

Whenever it came time to make a purchase that would better myself in some way, I would use this “Investment Account” to pay for it.  

Since 30% of all my money went here, this account was always stocked with a decent amount of cash.

Any book, any internet course, any domain name, any newspaper/magazine subscription, app….or WHATEVER that would improve my life, would get paid for by this account.

And I wouldn’t nit-pick on how much something cost when paying with this account.

If something could possibly improve my life, I bought it immediately.  What better investment is there??

Things I’ve bought using my investment account:

  • Books, lots of them.
  • Tickets to conferences
  • Tuxedo to help crash parties
  • Internet courses such as KopywritingKourse
  • Newspaper subscriptions
  • Class clothes for classy events
  • A personal stylist
  • A Personal trainer
  • Accountability coach for business
  • Domain names
  • Software like Photoshop and Microsoft Word
  • Computer microphones, video cameras, video equipment
  • My MacBook Air and iMac computers

You can probably tell how all of these things either improve my life, improve my knowledge, or improve my effectiveness as a business person.


My brain is the most important tool in my shed, and anything to improve it can pay off massively.  So to have funds available for all these things……I have been thankful for the last 10+ years to have had “an investment account” to pay for it all without thinking.

Do YOU have an account like this?
Do YOU have some funds dedicated solely to the improvement of your brain?

Neville Medhora – A kopywriter with thousands of dollars to “make it rain, on my brain.”

FYI.  There are only 19 NevBox’s left this morning!  If you would like to grab one, I’d suggest you do it in the next few minutes.  The PayPal button will automatically stop working after the last one is sold.

Blog posted on: April 26, 2013

20 comments on “Your “Investment” Account

  1. Sufri

    Hey Nev,
    We have no slaves in Malaysia, let alone child slaves!
    -A Malaysian fan

    Ps: you don’t suppose u can hook me up for some do u? (ok kidding!)

  2. tyler

    Hey Nev,

    I have sun trust bank right now and they have some bs fees and additional requirements such as a balance etc. for additional accounts. Any suggestions? I know you mentioned bank of america, but I hear their customer service is terrible. Id appreciate any feedback trying to get smarter with my $$$$$$$.


    *ps check out the website and leme know thoughts!

    1. Anonymous


      Good question. I’m not gonna be a hater like below. I have Wells Fargo. No fees as long as I have direct deposit. I have a savings account setup with it. I use my debit card for most all purchases. My savings is tied to my debit in called WFSave or something like that. Every purchase of my debit card 1% rounded up to the dollar goes in my savings account automatically.
      I also make a point as soon as I deposit my check I pull out about $40 every week and just drop those bills in a jar. That’s the ghetto method of a savings account and it works.

  3. NevFan

    Tyler – either you are clueless or are clueless. This post has nothing to do with your question, and regardless – do you think Neville has time to sit there and research your stupid bank fee question? Why don’t you do a little research and stop bugging people working on bigger, more important projects like NevBox and Appsumo?…

    1. tyler

      Hey jackass,

      First off you can go fuck yourself. It was as simple as suggesting a bank, nothing to do with researching interest rates or anything just a simple question. So you can go masturbate to youtube videos of nev like a regular weekend night. And how does this have nothing to do with the post it is talking bout adding additional accounts doesn’t that have to do with banks.

      A simple response would be “bank of america” or “chase”. So thanks for nothing jackass.


      1. NevFan

        Why are you getting all worked up Tyler? In order to get any meaningful interest on your money, you’d have to first, MAKE SOME MONEY. And in reading your comments it’s clear you’re a broke peasant.

        So Step 1: Go make some money. Step 2: Get a clue and understand the big picture. Step 3: Crawl back into the bottom-feeding hole you came from and never comment here again.

  4. Ramiro

    the joke was in the vein of his own jokes. Have you been looking at the videos? Certified Jew, etc? I am just saying he sounds like Billy Mays. Nothing wrong with that… just having fun and being playful… and I have his great Kopywriting Kourse, and bought other products, the Diet Kourse, and also the Business Blueprint. I am a fan dude! Chillax

    1. NevFan

      Ramiro – if you were trying to make a joke, it wasn’t funny at all. I guess that’s why I thought you were a contradictory asshat. Well since you have Nev’s diet course, go ahead and start the diet brother. I can tell you’re about 50lbs overweight.

  5. Racxie

    Ah damn, wish I had known about this sooner, would have clicked that PayPal button faster than a fat kid grabbing a slice of cake! I guess working 13 hour days for a whole month in a row doesn’t always pay off…

  6. Racxie

    I just read the NevBox page and there was one thing on there that didn’t make me happy to read: US only. So even if I had seen it in time I still wouldn’t have been able to buy one.

    Shame on you Nev, you have fans worldwide and personally I’d have gladly paid the extra shipping cost to get my hands on one of these gems!

    1. Alf

      For someone who is outside the country who wants to buy his products, the best bet they can do is email him personally and he’ll probably work with them to deliver the product. Since shipping varies by location outside of the US, this is the best way to handle cases on an individual basis without getting overwhelmed.

  7. NevFan

    Tyler is embarrassing himself by posting that shitty site moolaguides. I think you were hoping we’d be impressed with it. We’re not. Good luck with your peasant project. I’m off to make real money.

    1. ty

      not worried about impressing anyone. you are one internet hardass. thanks for nothing have fun tryna put people down all ur life see where that gets you. try being encouraging for a change.

      1. NevFan

        Maybe I’d be more encouraging if you didn’t get caught comment spamming NevBlog with your pathetic moolaguides site. Or if you wanted to comment spam here then at least come up with a better comment than your irrelevant banking questions that you’re too lazy to spend 10 minutes researching yourself. Now get back to work. How’s that for encouragement?

  8. Jason

    I use Wells Fargo as my investment site. I wish I was able to sock away 30% like you. I’m just happy if I have money for the next month to pay rent. It sucks live by paycheck by paycheck

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