You just booked a 1 hour
consult with Neville!

Are you as excited as I am ?!


So here’s what’s going to happen next:

1...) The consult can happen over the phone or Google Hangouts.  I STRONGLY suggest we use Google Hangouts since we can share screens and see each other.  If you’d like to use Google Hangouts, add me on a call at the time of your consult.  My email is:

If you’d like to go the phone route, call me at the time of your consult.

My number is: 713.301.1546

2...) If there are materials I need to review in advance, send it to me at: NevMed@gmail

Please use subject line: Kopy Konsult items!

3…) I will be prepared to speak with you at the time of the consult, so give me a call or Google Hangout request then.  

We can talk about anything you want during this time.  I’m an open book.  

The results of all my previous consults have been amazing, and I will do my damn-best to make sure you get that value too.  

Can’t wait to speak to you and help you out!!


Neville N. Medhora