Privacy Policy
Hey...I'm Neville, and this is my privacy policy.

I don't even know why I really need this, but every big site has one so I'm going to be a little copy-cat and do the same.

Whenever you bought this course you provided me with some information like your name and email address.

I ain't gonna do nuthin' with em.

You might get emails from me occasionally, but nothing along the lines of spam. 

In fact my emails have a one-click-unsubscribe.  You simply click "unsubscribe" which is at the bottom of EVERY commercial email I send, and you're immediately taken off the list. 

If for whatever reason you're not satisfied with something I do, and want to yell at me, you can always contact me.  Here's all of my personal contact information:

Name: Neville Medhora



Phone: 713.301.1546

Mailing Address:
Neville Medhora
1108 Lavaca St. #110
Austin, TX. 78701

-Neville (The guy you've been watching in all these videos).


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