The Dubai Laser

As I step out of the security line in one of the Dubai airports today, I get asked, “Do you have a pointer?” by the security guard. I told him yes and he asked me what color it was….I reluctantly said the magic word “Green” which I knew would be bad.

They asked me to show it to them, so I fished out the hand-held 15 milliwatt from my backpack and gave it to them. They shined it on the floor and flinched as they noticed how eye-hurtingly bright it was. I could easily tell they were going to confiscate it, but there was also a restrained curiousity about them wanting to play with it.

My passport was taken and I was lead to a room where I had to fill out some paper work and sign a document stating they were going to destroy my laser:

Is it wrong to carry a high-powered, quasi-legal laser pointer that-can-place-a-bright-dot-on-any-object-your-eye-can-see-no-matter-how-far-it-is around with you for fun? Apparently not in Dubai.