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This is a selection of articles I thought were interesting. 

11-17-1982 Neville Medhora was born
11-17-2004 NevBlog was Born

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02-01-2005 Met Dave Liniger, founder of RE/MAX
02-04-2005 Mentioned on Business Week
02-09-2005 First officially published article I wrote
02-16-2005 2nd officially published article
02-17-2005 Starbucks Liquor reviewed, #1 SE result since then
03-01-2005 3rd officially published article
03-03-2005 Mentioned in the Wall Street Journal
03-10-2005 Yahoo! Top Ten Money Blogs
03-14-2005 Lamborghini Gallardo !
03-17-2005 SEO is pretty simple, here are the main steps.
03-23-2005 4th officially published article.
03-23-2005 The infamous scratch lottery ticket experiment
04-03-2005 The infamous bottled water selling experiment
04-14-2005 I love my tablet pc
04-18-2005 Studying history tells you the future
04-20-2005 Participated in a really cool event: Alamo Apprentice
04-21-2005 Kicked other team's ass in Alamo Apprentice
04-27-2005 Crashed party, met Elton John & Andy Roddick
04-29-2005 Started FancyBlog.com
05-04-2005 Bottled Water Experiment Part 2
05-13-2005 Sold class notes, got interesting reactions.
05-20-2005 Something I want to do: Eliminate traffic jams
06-08-2005 Dubai, yumm yumm
06-10-2005 Crashed the IC2 Corporate Governance Conference
06-17-2005 Where the name "Enwon" came from
06-24-2005 My one real job was the easiest job in the world
07-20-2005 I used to try a lot of little productivity gimmicks
07-22-2005 Study Posters!
08-04-2005 Burning Man tries suing me
08-23-2005 Tried to get a picture with the Dalai Lama, it later failed.
09-11-2005 Attempt to help Hurricane Katrina refugees with ID situation
09-18-2005 Article in the New York Times about NevBlog
09-28-2005 Sold pixels on NevBlog, made a couple thousand bucks.
10-11-2005 Make your own ghetto photo studio
10-12-2005 Met Gary Kusin, CEO of FedEx Kinkos
10-29-2005 Traffic and parking suck, so I bought a scooter
10-24-2005 Crashed a really cool fashion show
10-27-2005 Met Mike A. Myers (No, not the Austin Powers guy)
10-28-2005 Met Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitar
11-03-2005 Met Michael Dell and Lance Armstrong
11-14-2005 Old scooter was a dud, so I bought a new one.
12-10-2005 How House Of Rave works
12-24-2005 I said I graduated, but actually didn't yet.

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01-10-2006 Article about me in the Russian Wall Street Journal
01-26-2006 Friends started ParlaysAndPicks, actually made money
03-14-2006 Crashed party, met Matthew McConaughey, embarrassed self
03-22-2006 Met Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric
03-28-2006 Got a new Palm Treo, ended up being a big mistake.
04-13-2006 Met Kevin Rollins, CEO of Dell
04-20-2006 Met Gary Hoover, founder of BookStop
04-25-2006 Met Karen Katz (Neiman Marcus) and Randal Pinkett
04-27-2006 Michael Dell speech at UT
05-08-2006 Crashed the World Congress on Information Technology
05-31-2005 Created FacebookProfile.com website.  Facebook tries suing.
06-10-2006 Crashed Entrepreneur of the Year, drink expensive booze
06-16-2006 Carrying a flask saves so much money when going out
06-22-2006 Curb Painting!  Still need to try this one..
07-10-2006 Camry was totaled, Nev pretty pissed.
08-25-2006 Trying to get out of speeding tickets, I found it doesn't work.
09-30-2006 Pixel sale ended up making $2,300
10-12-2006 Went to Boston to check it out
10-19-2006 Getting serious about product photography for BodyMonkey
10-20-2006 Met Herb Kelleher again, took best picture ever!
11-01-2006 Interest.com started sponsoring NevBlog
11-06-2006 Pete Coors of Coors Beer
11-14-2006 $2,117 for only eight months of phone service..wow

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01-16-2007 My India Trip
02-12-2007 Bought a Lexus GS300
02-20-2007 First rendition of the BodyMonkey.com Monkey!
02-22-2007 Sold Resumite.com, it fetched $210
02-23-2007 Removed comments from NevBlog.com
02-28-2007 I bought a house!
03-20-2007 The rave house
03-20-2007 Product photo & video spending spree
04-10-2007 My China trip!
05-21-2007 Business-in-box Inventory Control Experiment
07-05-2007 Yes I do live in this 4,000 sq. ft. loft on 6th Street
08-03-2007 My Facebook profile in a Lebanese Newspaper! 700 Diggs.
08-09-2007 Now you can buy advertising space on NevBlog
08-13-2007 Being on Digg once got HouseOfRave 320 orders in one day
08-20-2007 A small website I made sells for $5,500
09-11-2007 Peak of sub-prime lending crash, maybe I WON'T buy.
09-20-2007 Make money by selling professional Blogger templates
10-11-2007 Companies should have donate buttons for lost sales.
10-12-2007 My favorite media: Ted Talks
10-17-2007 Crashed another Elton John private performance
11-05-2007 3-D printing is gonna change a lot of industries.
11-08-2007 Met Barry Salzberg, CEO of Deloitte & Touche
11-13-2007 Make money by selling confiscated stuff from airport?
12-05-2007 I love the feeling of a finished to-do list
12-08-2007 Changed comment policy, site is now much more civil
12-12-2007 I stopped listing income
12-14-2007 How My First Business House Of Rave .com works:
  Part 1 - The Beginning
  Part 2 - Finding Something To Sell
  Part 3 - Finding A Drop Shipper
  Part 4 - Getting A Site Setup
  Part 5 - Pros And Cons Of Drop Shipping
  Part 6 - How It All Works

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01-03-2008 Some New Year's Goals
01-20-2008 Oggz helped me pay my tuition in college
01-29-2008 Sold a palm reading business I started
02-05-2008 Met Al Cary, CEO of Frito Lay
02-21-2008 Stalking Bill Gates at The University of Texas
03-05-2008 Good time to start a 3D Printing website
03-25-2008 First time ever, my car got broken into
04-08-2008 Decided to start really improving House Of Rave for 30 days
  Day: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15
  16  - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30
04-30-2008 With no frills, it costs me $24,160 to be alive each year
05-08-2008 I think it'd be cool to learn Flash
05-09-2008 My first interactive Flash application
06-09-2008 Gas prices are high, how they do and don't affect my life
06-16-2008 First NevBlog Fundraiser completes in 72 hours! Buys comp.
07-01-2008 NevBlog makes a little money here and there.
07-16-2008 Snagged an iPhone
08-05-2008 Phun with Photography!
08-13-2008 Advice to a Soon To Be College Grad
08-29-2008 Evolution of my daily to-do list
09-08-2008 More traffic tickets, more high tech
09-09-2008 Sell or Kill the BodyMonkey?
09-11-2008 My trip to the GooglePlex in Mountain View, CA.
10-10-2008 Craig Newmark of Craigslist speaks
10-11-2008 I only spent $30,005 last year
11-12-2008 My whole life I've lived in a bull market
11-15-2008 Who needs cool business cards?
11-17-2008 Neville turns 26, NevBlog turns 4
12-01-2008 10 ways to make $100 today
12-09-2008 Hi, I'm Neville, I own a rave company
12-16-2008 Spending account #2 praise

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01-02-2009 Goals for 2009
01-11-2009 Handling business from Mexico
02-16-2009 This time cigar smoking with Herb Kelleher
02-24-2009 The Burj Al Arab won't let me have a party
03-03-2009 Learning How To Backflip...mishaps abound (part 2)
03-11-2009 George Costanza does the opposite
04-06-2009 Other things on YouTube besides wasting time
05-12-2009 Reader career advice question
05-18-2009 Broken iPhone and lost notebook
05-23-2009 Skeptical at first, but I love my HP Mini
05-28-2009 -The Homeless Experiment - View the full series on one page
  -Explanation of what The Homeless Experiment is
  -Stopped shaving in preparation on the 15th
  -12 days later the beard is coming in
  -Mini Homeless Experiments during the experiment
  -The alias story I'll use for going homeless
  -I keep thinking like a homeless person
  -My first Homeless Invention
  -Homeless Experiment equipment list and prep
  -Homeless Experiment location plan
  -Learning predications and....I'M OFF!
  -First night out, I'm living under a bridge (picture of food)
  -Living under a bridge actually isn't that bad
  -Waking up in the morning under a bridge...peaceful
  -Making the trek for Downtown homeless living
  -Passed by my old 4,000 sqft. loft, but homeless this time!
  -About to take a shower at a homeless shelter
  -My day at the homeless shelter was pretty good so far
  -The swanky digs I got at the shelter
  -Sleeping at a homeless shelter at night and the SNORING
  -Woke up at 5:30am...possibly first time EVER
  -Unfortunately couldn't score a day labor job
  -My experience at the ARCH of Austin homeless shelter
  -Homeless boredom, what the hell to do?
  -Seeing what happens if I get drunk whilst homeless
  -The results of me getting wasted while homeless
  -Slept outdoors in a city park...
  -...it was actually quite nice
  -Back under the bridge again
  -Bum Boxing Lessons
  -Finally, my last night out!
  -All I wanted to do was shave
  -Random Homeless Experiment remarks
  -On the streets beer is king
  -Dumpster Diving
  -Donating back what I took for this experiment
  -The Homeless Experiment in pictures
  -Should I give money to homeless people?
06-09-2009 Dancing business analogy
06-26-2009 The Seinfeld Motivation Calendar
06-29-2009 To Serve
07-13-2009 How I lost a bunch of weight by accident
08-12-2009 Backflips part 2
08-20-2009 Whatchya think of Nev?
08-26-2009 Whenever you're successful at anything, you will....
08-27-2009 Austin Post award
08-31-2009 Chargebacks suck, let's take action
09-02-2009 HoR traffic tour
09-11-2009 Let's say I cross the street and I get hit by a bus....
09-17-2009 If I had to recommend some books, these would be it
09-18-2009 Some of my favorite quotes
10-01-2009 Good Comments VS Bad Comments
10-02-2009 The Seinfeld Calendar really keeps me on track
10-08-2009 The 2009 to-do list format
10-27-2009 I ended up on a German book cover
11-03-2009 I always wondered what a foreclosure auction looked like
11-08-2009 The Homeless Experiment is now on the Kindle
11-13-2009 Everyone is freaking out over jobs, buuuuttt....
11-17-2000 Guess who's 27!
12-03-2009 How to Spray Paint your shoes
12-07-2009 My hobby is getting speeding tickets
12-13-2009 The Kramer Shirt
12-17-2009 Weird hit holiday products on House Of Rave
12-18-2009 Handwritten Blogs would be so much cool
12-26-2009 Apparently carrying high powered lasers is bad?

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01-22-2010 Being drunk can teach you a thing or two
01-26-2010 My very first quasi-legal business
02-05-2010 2009 in numbers
02-06-2010 Why keep goals only by my desk?  On the phone....
02-09-2010 This condenser mic is pretty neato...
02-11-2010 My Affiliate Marketing Experiment (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
02-22-2010 To job, or not to job?
03-02-2010 A personal milestone, moved from Blogger to Wordpress
03-05-2010 Do you Alexa Rankings tell the truth? Mine don't
03-11-2010 Everyone asks me if sales are down in this economy
03-13-2010 The Point Down Trick
03-17-2010 The Getting A Six-Pack Experiment is about to start!
  Steve Pavlina's Raw Food List
  Calories simplified to dumb-level I can understand
  The official start of trying to get six pack abs!
  Oh yea, and I'll be partying downtown the whole time...
  Buy a cool plate
  A sample day of eating
  My jeans don't even remotely fit anymore
  Want to drink a lot but do it healthy?
  Adam says I'm a freak?
  The exercises I'm doing
  One month is up! Great results already!
  Not caring about food
  TWO months progress.  Helllllooooo six-pack!
03-18-2010 How I got started in entrepreneurship
03-25-2010 Really remember how much effort you're putting into stuff
05-11-2010 Blogger to Wordpress effect on Alexa rankings
06-02-2010 Two months into it, and I'm feeling great!
06-07-2010 The blonde hair makes me look like Einstein
07-24-2010 Bikram Yoga keeps all my joints loose as a goose
07-25-2010 Brewing tea inside my hot car
07-26-2010 Why Facebook sued me
07-27-2010 One of my favorite quotes
07-29-2010 My "Happy Place"
08-02-2010 Month 4 of the Six Pack Experiment
08-04-2010 A word about people who've copied me
08-05-2010 How to get a job fast the Earl Nightingale way
08-06-2010 Just doing some handstands with Tim Ferris
08-07-2010 It's easy to get published in anything
08-09-2010 Great sleep hack: The Alpha state of mind
08-11-2010 I have really great parents
08-13-2010 I am a Parsi Zoroastrian
08-14-2010 Is it weird I had a crush on Alanis Morissette?
08-16-2010 Homeless Experiment one year later...
08-17-2010 Taking pictures underwater
08-20-2010 Is it illegal to write on money?
08-24-2010 Six Pack Experiment unexpected benefits
08-28-2010 I've always liked doing handstands
08-29-2010 Cool way to determine what is important: Carver Matrix
09-03-2010 Everyday should have some Novelty, Beauty, Growth, Love
09-05-2010 I get to have fun AND make money simultaneously!
09-08-2010 Why I'm not a doctor
09-21-2010 Another six pack update
11-01-2010 Can I interest you in some daaawwwgs?
11-09-2010 Working timelapse.  5 hours into 1 minute and 20 seconds!
11-14-2010 In case I die...
12-03-2010 I can do a handstand for a full minute
12-04-2010 I spoke to poor people in Sierra Leone on the BBC
12-07-2010 I often have to slay the Hype Machine Dragon in my head
12-13-2010 Even during the holidays I'm being healthy

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01-12-2011 I love my Car2Go....
01-17-2011 ....and this girl totally loves me
01-31-2011 I actually stole a bike...what a jackass
02-11-2011 House Of Rave Revenue and numbers for 2010
02-16-2011 The number one promotion I ever did on HoR
02-26-2011 Hanging with my friends
03-04-2011 Who would you buy 10% of?
03-09-2011 Pretending I know how to play the bass guitar
03-15-2011 My sweet Matrix Bullet Time Effect picture!
03-23-2011 I released my very first product "Behind The Scenes of HoR"
03-25-2011 Man, SXSW was a BLAST!
04-07-2011 The HouseOfRave product now has a sales page (my first)!
04-11-2011 NevBlog.com was on a $170,000,000 marketing plan!
04-16-2011 Me and my brother are starting to sound good for a wedding
04-20-2011 Dunno how to start a biz?  Here's my advice...
04-25-2011 Gary Halbert's Hamburger stand...an important lesson
04-29-2011 How I made AppSumo a bunch of extra money
05-03-2011 "Make them happy, you will be happy"
05-05-2011 Short copy vs. Long Copy
05-10-2011 8 Secrets of Getting Rich - Felix Dennis' advice
05-16-2011 Marketing lessons from a dead guy
06-08-2011 People wanted a tour of the Behind The Scenes thing
06-28-2011 It seems people LOVED the product!
07-18-2011 Recap of Vancouver and The Grand Cayman Islands
08-04-2011 Meeting the copywriting greats in person
08-09-2011 How much do you make per day? Per month? Per year?
08-13-2011 People who ACTUALLY care, ACTUALLY make the most
08-15-2011 Kicking off the Writing A Book In TWO Weeks Experiment!
  -Day 1
  -Day 2
  -Day 3
  -Day 4
  -Day 5
  -Day 8
  -Day whatever
  -Book has been printed out!
09-10-2011 I love pens, therefore I love this Mont Blanc trick!
09-15-2011 The long-awaited KopywritingKourse is out!!
09-19-2011 People freakin LOVED THE KOURSE! AppSumo best seller...