Despite people copying me and being able to see the privates of my business, I'm going to give you an exclusive take-you-by-the-hand tour behind
by Neville Medhora












Hey I'm Neville, and with zero business experience, I've started a lot of small businesses that have allowed me to never have a job. 


Of all things, a rave company I started has gained the most attention!  You know raves....the underground parties with glow sticks and strobe lights and loud music.


Well I own a rave company, and I've never been to a rave!


The company is called and it's a drop-shipping website.


Not only do I own a rave company, but the most profitable customers are wedding planners, party planners and the military...NOT ravers.  Weird huh?


What's even more interesting is how little I work on it.  House Of Rave is what Tim Ferris would call a "lifestyle business" ....meaning a business that requires very little of your time, but pays for you to live how you want. 


Here's some interesting facts about it:

  • I sell products, but I don't touch any of the products myself.  They are all drop-shipped.

  • I don't need to have a lot (or any) money to begin.

  • I can run the business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

  • I still can't program or write HTML, yet I built it all myself.


Pretty cool huh?  Well it is!  It's allowed me to "be my own boss" through the years and pay for pretty much whatever I want to do. 


Over the years I've documented many things about House Of Rave on my blog (, and have paid dearly for it.  Lots of competitors sprung up in my previously "undiscovered" niche, and those competitors knew all my secrets.


It wasn't a HUGE deal sometimes, because these un-creative people never did much with their websites, plus mine was always waaaaay better with lots of custom pictures and videos...but it was enough headache to make me stop blabbing about this business so openly...


Till now.

I've long wanted to do a product like this that literally takes someone by the hand, sits them down in a chair next to me....and explains the ins and outs of my business by showing them real data, screenshots and videos. 


Finally I'm in a place where I can do this...and let me tell you, it was a REAL JOY making this "course"! 


There are roughly 15 videos in this course integrated with text that take people through the full explanation of my drop shipping businesses.


Now I bet you're DYING to see what the course looks like right?  I'll give you a small peek at what you will see when you purchase access to the course.  Here's the 1st and 2nd parts (they're split up on separate pages for easier viewing):

See how I integrated the video with text?  It's much better than simply watching one long video.  With this layout you can come back and reference specific questions you may it's just a hell of a lot more easy to digest the split-up videos. 


I told all my friends, "I really reallllyyy want to inspire and teach people with this course", and this format was by far the best for that.  The best part is you can view the course on virtually any device...whether it be your computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android or anything capable of view video and web...


Aren't you impressed by my Photoshopped iPad mockups??  You know you're jealous of them ;-)





Originally the course was just going to be what is known as "Part 2" of the course.  I was going to show people "Behind the Scenes" at HouseOfRave, but then I asked on my blog what other content people would like to see. 


They strongly also wanted to know ways they can start selling stuff online themselves in a very easy way.  I was glad people wanted this, because it showed they were interested in taking action and trying out their own little lifestyle business. 


So for this reason I create the "Part 3" of this course as a bonus:




Part 1
How HouseOfRave Started:

  • What it is now

  • How it started from the VERY beginning

  • How I came up with the idea

  • How you can avoid the mistakes I made when coming up with an idea

  • How to narrow down to a niche with a simple little chart  

  • How I found a supplier to ship stuff for me

  • How you can find a drop-shipper, and why the biggest mistake people make is Googling it

  • How to convince a company to drop ship for you

  • Different ways you can work with a drop-shipper (1 easy way, 1 medium way, 1 hard way)

Part 2
How HouseOfRave actually works:

  • What it is now

  • How customers place orders and where they come from Sending 5 REAL orders to the supplier in real time (no fake test-orders here)

  • How the orders are tracked How customer service is handled (aka what happens when someone starts complaining)

  • The numbers explained: I’ve failed several math classes, but can EASILY make sense of my analytics to make more money, I show exactly how. Why doesn’t the supplier just sell this stuff himself? I explain exactly why…and why it doesn’t always matter.

  • How you distinguish yourself from everyone else (aka “build a moat” or be unique)


Extra Bonus: Part 3
How you can do it too:
(When I asked people what else they wanted in this course, these were the most popular things): 

  • How you can build a drop-shipping business similar to House Of Rave

  • Four dead-simple ways to sell something online in the next 5 minutes (I use the example of a friend who spent all this money trying to sell these bracelets she makes online….when in reality she could’ve done it for FREE and in 5 minutes).

  • Why so many of those We’ll-Do-It-For-You drop shipping services suck, and the reasons why I strooongly advise against wasting your money on them.



You know what you'll be getting, and you'll be getting it all in a nice little package:







....but this bundle isn't a physical's DIGITAL.  Once purchased, you will get access to the Members Only area where you can login with the personalized password I'll give you.  Best of all, it doesn't matter where you are, because can access it from anywhere in the world!


You can immediately start learning how I created my own business and start seeing the real numbers in real time on real screen captures.  It'll be just like me sitting down with you and explaining the business step by step. 


You can start watching on your computer or ANY web-capable device immediately after you purchase:




When I originally released the product through a blog post I didn't have any customers.  I could only show the product to friends who reviewed it for me (they loved it A LOT and said I should make the price much much higher).....but those testimonials are meaningless since it's just my friends.


But now many people have bought it (still proud to say I've got nothing but compliments from EVERYONE!!) and I can share some of their reviews and testimonials:



All of these are REAL customers who've bought the course:


"Watching these videos -really- makes me want to start tinkering around and get started."

-Kimberly Grevel


"Nev, just a quick note – I ended up buying this not because I am particularly interested in starting an online drop shipping store but because I already run a business doing online courses. That may not make any sense at all, lol, but I was interested to see how you set up your course (as most people in my field go WAY over complicated and such just for no reason at all other than that’s the way others do it) and I have to say I'm really impressed with your format!  The really straightforward/hanging out way you have this set up is definitely making me take a closer look at how I can make my courses even more fun and interesting!"

-Jerimi Walker


This is really great content man!

-Chris Dunn


"Hi Nev, I've been reading Nevblog for a long time now. I really enjoy some of the stuff you post. Its really cool that you share so much of your life with everyone. I especially like the "experiments" that you have done such as when you went homeless, the bottled water experiment, and the affiliate marketing experiment. Anyway, I purchased and watched your videos about House of Rave. I'd love to get a business like this going myself."

-Travis Hebig


"Its funny, actually how I came to this point. I had come across your blog YEARS ago, I don't even know how anymore. I thought it was cool how you never had a 'real' job, and were so open about sharing what you do. Well, somehow I lost track of your blog, and it wasn't until last week that I thought about it again, happily found it and added it to my reader. I was also thrilled that you were working on a tell-all program about your HOR business. Seemed the timing was just right for me."

-Scott J.


"I'm working my way through your videos. They are really good, with a lot of info that I find interesting. I think that the videos allow for more of your personality to show through compared to a post on your blog. Good job on the screen capturing portion of the videos."

-Michael B.


"I have a few friends who have tried to do similar things, the difference of course being that they have not started and run a successful business like yours, and they don’t have all of the years of feedback and questions to develop a good “course” around it."

-Adam McFarland


"Neville, finished all the videos. Will watch them again - very good stuff!"

-Scott J.


"I thought to use PayPal like that you needed a merchant account. I'm so glad that's not the way it is. I'll be sure to use this info. Your "Do-not-do-it!" video reminded me of my girlfriend doing Amway and made me laugh! Overall this is a great product Nev! Thanks for putting this together!"

-Kimberly Grevel


"I'm really enjoying the Behind the Scenes at HouseOfRave videos. I have been a fan of your blog for a long time, so I thought this might be a way to help repay you a little for all that you share."

-Michael Baggett


"It took about 2 hours to get through all the great material that Nev has put together. It was worth the time and the money. There are several very valuable snippets of information that are going to help me with my current business and help me create a product based service too. I certainly recommend this product to anyone wanting to improve their financial situation."

-Kim G.


"Nev, Thanks for the product. I’ve gotten some really good ideas for my own project."



"I wanted to sleep and read your blog at night, then bought the thing through PayPal now I’m still up! Great stuff Nev seriously!"

-Jason L.


"Another teenager here and long time reader of Nevblog. I figured I’ve wasted more than $37 on textbooks for school that didn’t teach me jack spit, so it was worth the nominal fee. Very cool to see how it all works…and how easy it is. Plus because I actually had to spend money, I am even more motivated to create my own store and earn my investment back.  Don’t worry though, don’t plan on copying HoR ;) Overall cool videos, I’d recommend to anyone reading this right now wondering if they should purchase or not."

-Jennifer O.


"This is the best course on starting a Internet business that money can buy; bar none. If this doesn't give you a basis of making money, than nothing will. Neville, you outdid yourself and I only wish Congress could be as transparent as you :-)"

-Michael Monaco





By the way, those are all REAL testimonials (enter any of them in my Gmail search box and you'll find the actual emails). 


If you're at all curious about what goes on behind the scenes of a REAL business that can be run from anywhere in the world, this is it.


I truly think it will open your don't even have to take my word for it.  See what Brian Strauss (who bought and watched the course) said:


"Hey Neville, I just wanted to say that I'm VERY impressed by what you've managed to achieve with House of Rave. And like you said, sometimes you just need to see how someone does something to realize there are other possibilities out there. Thanks for putting this course together. It's been a real eye-opener."

-Brian Strauss










Here's what will happen when you purchase:



1.) You click the "Buy Now" button on whichever product you want.


2.) It will take you to PayPal.  Simply fill in your PayPal info or credit card info.


3.) Once paid....It will immediately forward you to a page with your personalized login information.  Save that info.  Soon after that you will get an email with all your login information.


4.) Go to the password-protected URL and login with your info and BEGIN LEARNING immediately!






I'm not kidding...I genuinely want people to get A LOT out of this course.  So if at anytime you have problems, questions or comments, you can contact me personally at anytime for help. 




Congratulations, you win a special prize for reaching the bottom of the page. you don't :) 
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