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Blog posted on: November 20, 2004

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  1. Anonymous

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  2. Victor Vurpillat

    Hi Neville. Great blog. If you learn to trade futures you can have a job for the rest of your life. I can show you via my blog how to identify good risk to reward trade setups. I invite you to visit my blog and give me your feedback.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. MD

    Neville, great site. Just wondering if you ever deal with how to get out of debt? Just read a great book that deals with the negative side of money; trying to get out of the red! Check it out.

    The author Nana is from Ghana, she’s a young entrepreneur, and her book has some great tips.

  4. Jeff

    Hey man, nice blog. Started a simmilar site recently ( and it looks like we’re in the same mindset. Keep up the great work. Added your site to my blogroll since I think people at my site would be pretty interested in yours.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Neville,

    I found your blog looking at which blogs were linking to Kirk Report (I was looking for other places similar to Kirk’s).

    I’m a stock investor & recently options investor, and your site is right on a topic I was looking to tackle recently, finding some other $$ sources.

    I have a full time job (as a web & software programmer). I have two goals in investing, one is to build enough wealth for when I retire (my RRSP), and the other is to have an additional source of income (my bonus money as I like to think of it). My long term goal would be to become completely financially independent. My dream is to build my own music studio, I was once a musician full-time before :p.

    So I have about 10000$ in that bonus account and every trade that I do that brings me over that ammount I transfer it to my spending account as a bonus :) If I’m under that ammount I’m in the penalty box and cannot withdraw any. Recently I was lucky and profited a lot from the OIL bull :) I’m not a day trader, more like a swing trader.

    Anyways, thanks for your blog, I’m also building my own along with a friend (in french tho, I’m from quebec canada, french speaking :p), I will definitely watch what kind of ideas you come up with! Btw, what kind of online business you have? I’m looking to build something myself very soon. Another guy who seems to have great ideas about how to make money online (he has a book on it),

    See ya!

    Bruno D.

  6. Peter Kim


    Sincerely, best of luck on your achieving your goals. That is awesome that you have already set such a clear target for yourself – as long as you are flexible and innovative along the way, I’m sure you’ll get there.

  7. Anonymous

    Nev! I am so excited to have found your blog b/c it is really inspiring to me! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  8. David

    Hello, Neville. I like your drive towards self-improvement. I have been making some progress myself in saving money from my normal salary, investements and recently auctions. What I would love to know is how you created that register tool on the right side. I’m guessing it was hand-written. In any case, can you enlighten me? Thanks.


  9. nikao


    Nice weblog!
    There is one thing I was wondering though.. you are all about making money and so on, but why don’t you have any advertisement on this site like AdSense? Im getting some steady monthly income from those sources which I then invest in the stock market (see my just launched blog:

    was just wondering ;)

    keep up the good work.. kind regards,

  10. James

    Hi Neville,
    Great to see someone actually doing something genuinely entrepreneurial and sharing what happens with everyone else. I am blogging about various kinds of entrepreneurial activity on the internet and will be posting about some of your ventures soon!

  11. Monty Loree


    This is Monty Loree from Financial Maturity Blog

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    I spoke with Don Girard, the media manager for Experian just a few minutes ago.

    He mentioned that he’s going to have an official press release mid next week.

    He mentioned that the scope of the problem was actually four states, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

    The big three credit bureaus Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion have a huge task but are working together as a ‘single unit’ to help the Hurricane Katrina crisis victims. I’m not sure if this is unprecedented or not.

    Anyway, my post has more details of the conversation between myself and Don Girard of Experian.

    There hasn’t been an official press release yet, so this is before hand news.

    Monty Loree
    Financial Maturity Blog

  12. Anonymous

    Hey Nev,

    Great blog! Your entrepreneurial skills and drive is amazing, man. If you need an associate in the DC area do feel free to drop me a line at meinhaj’at’

  13. Anonymous


    Love your ambition and drive. It makes me want to get up and put pen to paper on some of my ideas.

    However, I was wondering, in all your projects (selling water, lotter tickets, etc) time is never accounted for. A profit of $2 made here and there is great but the investment of time is never accounted for.

    Even if working for minimum wage, all the endeavors will leave you in the red. Man hours is always considered an expediture.

    NY Lazy inventor

  14. Sanjay

    hey neville,
    quick question… do you have a link for an rss feed of your blog? am wondering how i can add it to the new personalized google home page…

  15. Anonymous

    Hi Nev

    I think it is a good idea to charge for advertising space (afterall you are a celebrity now). Is this just a one time charge?? Seems like a waste though when you could easily charge a small monthly fee…

  16. Joshua Dorkin

    Hey Neville! Great Blog. I appreciate what you’re going through, as I also struggled to build my worth. I will follow your progress, and hope you find your fortune sooner, rather then later.

    I started investing in real estate a few years back, and it was a great way to build my net worth. My experiences with real estate inspired me to create a website to educate others, much like yourself in the ways of real estate. The site is all about helping people out without trying to sell them programs, courses, books, etc. I don’t want to hawk anything. I just want to educate. Stop by. I’m sure we can help to teach you a few things about real estate. The site is called Real Estate Investing Community.

    I’ll be back to check in on you! Hope to see you around BP!

  17. Shai Dardashti


    I’m a regular reader of your blog, and am impressed with your content.

    When you have a moment, please email me:


    I run “Shai Dardashti on Grahamian Value” – a site devoted to Value Investing, Warren Buffett, and – of course – Ben Graham.

    Since July the site has recorded 35,000 page views from 42 countries (including Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Thailand, etc.)

    Thank you,
    Shai Dardashti
    Washington, DC


  18. Eder Holguin

    Hi Neville,

    I own a small ad agency in NY and would love to talk to you about a couple of ideas regarding online marketing for some of my clients

    Please feel free to contact me

  19. Anonymous


    I read your cute blog several days ago. I enjoyed how you keep looking for ways to make money. I was looking for your blog today & searched for “Nev blog” and this link popped up . Is that your site? I thought it was a great idea!


    P.S. You’re also very cute! ;)

  20. Anonymous

    Hi Neville. You have a very insightful blog. I created a website geared towards personal finance. My site is designed to track prices at Amazon. Amazon has a policy that if the price drops within 30 day, they will refund you the difference – only if you ask!

    My website: Amazon Price Watch

  21. Anonymous

    Just found your blog today. You’re inspirational and enjoyable to read! Keep up the good work and don’t become greedy. The sky is the limit!

  22. Local_Blogger

    I’ve decided to create a blogger page after seeing what you have done. I’m sure you’ve inspired many other’s and myself into the world of financial freedom. Question: of the multiple saving accounts you have, did you open them through your local bank? Not talking about the Roth/Investment accounts, just general, saving, rainy day, spending accounts. Thanks


  23. Local_Blogger

    How does opening online accounts with EmigrantDirect and INGDirect sound? They offer great rates but I’ve heard their customer service can be weak sometimes?

  24. lynn

    please confirm, is the ppcappraisal thing for real ? i’ve read its a scam, but others have said it is not a scam.

    have you actually been paid (earned) from the ppcappraisal project ?

    i’m like many others, i’m trying to find the good and honest sites and programs so to help other honest people earn from todays technologies.

    my major quest:

    wouldn’t it be great if everyone could be paid fair compensation for “valuable” ideas !? And rid spam at the same time.


  25. Local_Blogger

    One of my friends is trying to get me into an e-commerce biz. It suppose to be affliated w/ Quixtar. What’s your take on e-commerce? Its a biz, where you depend on 5-20 loyal customers to buy through you for you to get a percentage from that company. I’m positive you’re familar with this already. Any comments will be helpful. Oh, and the catch, its $40 a month to service the site :0

  26. Anonymous

    Hey Neville,
    I’m addicted to your blog.

    Just wondering why you have not written about your next personal business? I see you have marked it off your to do list and have already had a sale.


  27. Lizz

    Hi N,

    I found yr site a few months ago & have been very inspired by yr activities. I check-in regularly to pick up tips but am still a little stuck.

    I’m an up & coming entrepeneur..Iv been running my biz my full time job) for over 8 years but have nowhere near reached the potential or success I dream of.

    My biz has massive potential as I promote over 170 artists but Im having probs getting my site the way I want it & bringing in an income(elusive web designers!!) I canupdate a few of the pages myself & the rest is down to my designer.
    Iv been trying to set up my own store to sell my artists music following yr posts about free e-commerce sites but can’t get oscommerce working for me… Iv even thought about starting a new site from scratch..Im jus not sure where to start…theres soooo much info on the net!

    Id like some more guidance on how to set-up oscommerce & also any advice or ideas u can give me for my site… Iv even offered web designers a % of profits if they can help me get my site running the way Id like…no takers so far.

    Id just like to say keep doing what yr doing & hope I can learn more from yr activities, advice & learnings.

    All the best,

  28. hankheath

    I found your blog a while ago. Been following it for a while. Decided to drop a note.

    It’s interesting to see your perspective on Michael Dell and other CEOs. Within the company, they’re pretty much invisible. So, it’s an interesting thing to see what the public (you) sees versus what the insiders see. This is not a criticism of the CEOs – they have a different job than those who operate the day-to-day goings-on.

    As a result, I think you need to pay attention more to the operations than the CEOs if you want to learn more about business. The people who are creating value for the company usually do not have time to give speeches.

  29. No Life Girl

    Hi Neville.

    Your blog really inspires me and was hoping you could give me some advice.

    I want to start online business and was wondering if I should incoporate.

    And if so, which type of corporation should I file for (S-Corp, LLC…)?

    Thank you

  30. Steven Biars


    You have many great (and viable) business ideas. Could you recommend a drop-shipper? (HoR).

    exponents (at) gmail (x) com

  31. David Askaripour

    Hey Nev,

    Just found your blog and I think that it’s GREAT! You’re doing a fine job sharing your stories with the world and I thik that your blog would make an excellent addition to the Mind Petals Entrepreneur Blog Network! Our readers can definitely benefit from your content; you’ll also be able to expand your networking circle.

    Hope to hear back from you,

    David Askaripour
    Founder of Mind Petals

  32. Daniel Nerezov

    Hi Nev,

    I really like Mind Petals but when we were making we decided that the public is probably a better judge of what is and what isn’t a quality entrepreneurship blog.

    So, yeblogger is a bit different from mind petals because we include all of the world’s young entrepreneur blogs to include everybody and give readers more choice.

    If you’d like to, subscribe to It’s a community feed which broadcasts all blog posts written by all young entrepreneurs in the world, so don’t have to subscribe to hundreds of individual feeds and you’re always sure not to miss out on what everyone’s talking about.

    I’d love some feedback about what we’re doing.

    - Daniel

  33. axios

    I like the idea of aeration this was one of the ideas suggested by stewart kime. I have done the curb painting and found it profitable. This is a great web site. I have seen just about every business idea, or bought every book. Check out this download by veteran marketer.

  34. Reid Levy


    I like your blog a lot. Would you be willing to post my link on your site in exchange for me posting your link on my site?

  35. Pedro

    I am in the process of creating a few businesses but i am having trouble with organization with physical “real” paper” documents.” Do you have an organizational system for paperwork for your business that you would like to share? Also, please add a search feature to your blog. Keep it up!

  36. Anonymous

    Hi Neville,
    I’m going to start an online business, currently trying to find
    best ideas. it’s already up
    take a look at it :
    it may inspire you or maybe we’ll
    exchange some ideas and….
    any cooperation,hint, help ,
    anything at all, IS appreciated
    i’ll be back to you soon to check out each and every post.

    you may reach me by moein.khanlari

    Moein from Iran

  37. Gunslinger


    I am working on starting my own clothing label, and am looking at selling through my E-Commerce site. I am new at E-sales, and am looking for any advice you can send my way. Specifically, how to get more traffic to my site.

    Any little bit helps. Thanks.

    Gunslinger Patriot Wear

  38. Abhishek

    Hi Neville,

    I have posted an entry on my blog about ‘the easiest job in the world’ and came across your entry on Google Search. I liked it and included a link on my blog (link below). Hope you don’t mind. If you do, please drop me a line and I’ll remove it.

  39. Anonymous

    Saw your article about Live Chat Software and I really think you should try Live Chat solution from LIVECHAT! It’s better than soft you mentioned, it’s still being developed and new functionalities and ideas are being added all the time. Try it!

  40. Peter Glyman

    Hi Neville,

    My colleagues and I just launched a website, and we’re trying to get the word out to the financial blogger community. Our site is in alpha and offers credit card analysis, and pay down simulations utilizing a very web2.0ish interface that’s fun and easy to use. We would love for you to check it out and tell us what you think.



  41. kris

    hi Nev

    I’ve been so rushed off my feet lately that I forgot whether I asked you personally or not. Apologies if I didn’t! Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been a big fan for a long time!

    Cheers from London

  42. Brad Bowman

    Yo Neville,

    Your exchange server for email is not crossed off your to do list. Have you completed this yet? I work at an Industry leader of “Internet Stuff” that I do not want to name on here. Send me an email at this throwaway email I created and I’ll help you out if needed. <-will get to me!

  43. Anonymous

    Hi Neville,

    Nice blog & a fun read. I am in Eastern Europe now on vacation – I am a financial advisor from Arizona. Just wanted to tell you your doing a nice job on your site. Thanks!

  44. Anonymous

    Hi Neville, happened to log on ur blog, while looking for some finance content.
    I am truly amazed by ur systamatic approach in life, to make impact.I admire yr clarity.

  45. Akshay

    Hey Neville, I started reading your blog not too long ago. I am pretty curious about your HouseOfRave business. Is it like a dropship business? Since you don’t manage your inventory. I am quite entrepreneurial myself and would like to give a e-com business like that a shot.

  46. Anonymous


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  48. JoelBolt

    I love the blog Neville. Long time reader. I’m in Austin for SXSW on the 9-13th any suggestion on what I should see or do? Congrats on the new house. I look forward to your post on how you pay for it. :) –

  49. Josh

    Took me about 5 days to get reindexed at
    and I have a PR4 website.
    This was a glitch that hit a lot of people, I have a blog post on it.

    No way to comment on individual posts? Is that from the conversion as well?

  50. Anonymous

    hey budd,
    i think when you say “profit” you really mean sales (and or revenue)

    is that correct?

    i was reading some of your 2005 posts and you said you were making about $1,000 bottom line, but now you’re making $5,000????

    to make a 5,000 profit you’d have to sell about $10,000 a month… are you?


  51. Bob Lovinger

    Hello Neville,

    I am the CEO of On Track M*Power. We have just launched a free online personal budget software program that has been in development for nearly 3-years and I am seeking feedback. There are no gimmicks. This is totally free. I think it is different than anything else out there in that it allows the user to create an action plan that shows him or her how to manage money in a way that achieves his or her goals and the plan is integrated into the Budget Software to make it automatic. The user can then manage bills, transactions, calendar, etc. We also make coaches available to help if needed.

    I think the product is easy to use but I really need users to verify this for me and give me opinions as to how I can make it better.
    I welcome you to use it yourself and you can tell me the next step if you find it valuable.

    Although I call this a budget product, in reality, I use a money management approach that I developed called the Financial Life System. This system helps people manage their money in a way that does not involve traditional micro managing and spending logs. My “Financial Life System” book is being printed and will be released in April.

    Once again, I am trying to get as much feedback as possible. Please go to if you are interested.

    Thank you

    Bob Lovinger, CEO

  52. Anonymous

    Hi Nev, saw your site. Really admire you. Very few Americans have thinking like you. Most of them live from paycheck to paycheck. By the way, I am 20 this year & live in Singapore

    Like you, I am also learning how to achieve financial independence. Can we exchange website links?

    Bill Chen
    Lionsault Finance

  53. Anonymous

    Nev, I am thinking of setting up a website of my own (out of high school too). How did you get in touch with suppliers? cubanpotato (at) yahoodotcom

    Ps Do you have any tips or stories for anyone starting a website, general things that need to be done, learning to partake of.

  54. Michael Plater II

    Hey, great blog and your e commerce sites seem great. I too am interested in e commerce and am wondering what platform you’re using to build the sites like Oscommerce or if you just build them from scratch.

    Also I am wondering if you are basically dropshiping the products on your site and how you came to that agreement with the wholesalers.

    My emails and my site is

  55. Sajeit Raswad

    hey Neville sounds like devil – I was curious to see what you did in a regular day. Do you have a regular job? Or what is a normal weekday/workday like for you?

    Thanks for sharing.

    sujr21 at

  56. kel

    hello i am a chinese student and actually i do like your blog.
    after reading your trip to china,i do hope you enjoy yourself here.
    firstly, maybe i could answer your question:”I’m not sure why they had fire extinguishers in the middle of a giant concrete square”
    because months ago someone try to fire the picture of chairman Mao. so it is understandable that they put fire extinguishers in the square.
    secondly, you said rare chinese speak english. i agree. education system of china is out but no one try to “update” it. most students here just know how to handle the test in english but do not know how to communicate in english. i am now studying in macau, a city which government by portugal and was returned to china in 1999. after being here, i find that eduction system is totally different between china and foreign country. maybe it will be fine.i hope so. chinese are not stupid, but sometines they(we) use knowledge in wrong places.such as the fake stuff.
    anyway,i would like to know how you can go back to US with the fake stuff because i heard a news before, an american bought some fake watches from china and then, was seized by police of american when he go back to US.
    Great Wall, it is part of chinese culture. we chinese sometimes consider things that “the older, the better”.
    i am glad to know what you foreigner thinking about china.
    after reading your trip, i do learn something in it.
    my english is not so good, hope you can understand my words.^^
    and i am also starting my business experiment after reading your is great.
    and my e-mail, if you are interest in:

  57. Chris

    Hey Neville,
    I was just curious as to what resources you have found to be reliable and good for finding the wholesalers and dropshippers that you use for your ecommerce sites.
    Hit me back with an email when you can!

  58. Todd

    I think we were seperated at birth. Do you read Business 2.0 magazine? I have tickets to ACL in Sept and would enjoy meeting for coffee or a beer..

  59. Steve

    So your site is geared towards making money, but I would like to point out the importance of the other side of the equation – your costs. By lowering your utilities costs, you are saving money and at the same time helping the current global warming problem. I wrote an article on how to save money here:

    By the way, great blog with great ideas. You motivated me to start my own blog, and it will be up soon. Keep up the good work!

  60. Adrian


    This is adrian dawson you told me to send you an e-mail i mean i really want to talk about where you started and where you are at now with the site. your business ideals things like that i mean i am very intersted.

    Call back number is 571-241-0678

    Thanks agian,

    P.s. sorry for calling you on sunday

  61. Adrian


    This is adrian dawson you told me to send you an e-mail i mean i really want to talk about where you started and where you are at now with the site. your business ideals things like that i mean i am very intersted.

    Call back number is 571-241-0678

    Thanks agian,

    P.s. sorry for calling you on sunday

  62. Josh Jones

    I just happened upon your blog and want to see if you’d be interested in a freelance blogging opportunity. This is for a new website on finance for young adults.

    Let me know if you’re interested and I will forward you the details of the site, our compensation schedule, and our style/submission guidelines.

    Our site launches on July 31 so let me know in the next few days so we can continue to fill out our blogroll.


  63. imelda

    Hi Neville

    I was reading your Toys Toys Toys post and was wondering what kind of Tripod you bought. I am looking for one for my Canon 30D DSLR and $80 is about what I want to spend. Thanks!

  64. LSF League

    Hey Neville,

    Just wanted to tell you that I wish I knew more people like you. There is such a shortage of good mentors especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. I am a 22-year old Russian female currently residing in sunny San Diego. In my culture, entrepreneurship is the norm and is highly respected (provided you are successful). All my life I thought I would need to go to either law school or medical school to make real money. Only recently did I realize that working for yourself is actually the most rewarding alternative. I work in a biopharmaceutical company full-time and would love to be able to run multiple side businesses. You are a busy man and clearly know how to use your time wisely, but I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. First of all, how do you get exposure for your blog and company websites? Also, do you design your own websites or pay someone to do it? How do you find reliable wholesalers and drop-shippers? Keep up the good work!

  65. Josh

    Hi Neville, great blog. I found it searching Goolge for finance blog and your’s came up high in the search results. I am 22 now with a similar mindset to yours. How come you don’t have an ‘RSS’ link on your home page? It would be easy for me to see your site everyday and you might even attract some more readers.

  66. Josh

    Hi Neville, great blog. I found it searching Google for finance blog and your’s came up high in the search results. I am 22 now with a similar mindset to yours. How come you don’t have an ‘RSS’ link on your home page? It would be easy for me to see your site everyday and you might even attract some more readers.

  67. Charls King


    Today I have visited your blog and found very informative. I would like to review your blog in our PR – 5 website.

    I would like to know if you have permission of it.

    Waiting for your reply.


  68. Neil Smith

    Very fun and informative site, Neville! I have recently started my own financial blog and it would be great to get some feedback on it. If you (or anyone reading this) get a moment, please check out and let me know what I can do to improve. I’m having a terrible time figuring out how to make plugins work and Google doesn’t even know I exist yet! HELP!

    Neil Smith
    LET’S GET AHEAD – Make Money, Save Money, Live Better!

  69. Ryan

    Great Blog, I stumbled across it looking for pictures of Dubai. I also have similar goals and track them daily, but not online. Just in excel. Good luck with the housing market. Even if the market is in a lull, if you are buying to be owner occupied for at least two years I think you will still be finacially ahead. Take Care,

  70. Elizabeth

    Hi, Nev. I have been reading your blog so much until i feel like i know you. I’m not looking for a get rich quick scheme at all but i do need a way to make some money and i was wondering if you could e-mail me and give me some information on how to get started on a store like your store. My e-mail address is I look forward to your advice. Thank you

  71. Brian Reese


    As a young person myself, I am enthralled when I find the blog or listing of another young entrepreneurial individual with a constant eye out for the next big thing.

    I have a couple ideas in the works (at least on paper) as I am also constantly brainstorming.

    Investing and personal finance are my current areas of focus, and I guess I’m just sick and tired of hearing about get rich quick schemes. If a current method of picking the next great stock is time tested, why would someone want to share it with the rest of the world? Ahh….exactly my point, it’s a self-defeating revelation.

    I am a firm believer that education is the road to success for many of our high school and college students today when dealing with personal finance. As a business major myself, why are personal finance classes offered as electives only? Why do we learn about science and math, with little application to real world decisions?

    I feel there are three huge decisions people make in their lives that they really have no idea how to approach:

    (1) getting married
    (2) buying a home
    (3) investing for the long term

    Anyway, enough rambling from me, keep up the great work. Later!

  72. Anonymous

    Hi Neville,

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  86. Frank

    Hey Nev, I really envy your Financial awareness at such a young age. Happy birthday by the way. I’m 21 and I just recently started a blog. I like the way you write, and I was wondering if you could maybe mentor, or tutor me if you will. I look forward to hearing from you!



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  92. alex

    Have you thought about how different your experience with homelessness would be if it actually was your situation and not just a 1 week adventure? Where would you store your sleeping bag while looking for work and after you have obtained work? How would you maintain a presentable appearance and work uniform while living under a bridge? How would you get to and from work?

    Can you atleast empathize with the fact that working while homeless in order to save up enough money to secure permanent housing is a very challenging proposition?

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    Amazing stuff! I love it all. From your diet secrets to the way you brokedown the system of dropshipping, I really appreciate the info and I love the way you make everything sound so doable. I woke up today so enthused to be alive! I think it had to do with reading your blog.

    I am looking forward to what you are going to post in the future.

    Highest regards,

  98. James H


    Way to freak out Pittsburgh! From what I saw on youtube you were a lead story. Brad sent me a link today and I spent half my work day reading about your most recent exploits. I didn’t think you would surprise me again after the homeless experiment, but you might have outdone yourself. Great job, and by the way…I loved the quote “we underestimated the severity of the situation” – or something like that.

  99. Jason

    Hey Nev,

    Love your blog…I was wandering if you had any thoughts on my situation? I have a line of T shirts that I sell to waiters and waitresses all over the country (mostly Dallas area). I have sold thousands of them in person. I walk right into the restaurant at the end of the night. I do have a site (86BadTips) but it seems like people prefer to try them on first. I would love to get sales people like me in other cities and let them move them. I am having trouble finding the motivated people who would be willing to do the uncomfortable. Any advice would help.


  100. Brandon Penner

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  108. Ryan

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  110. Michael Monaco

    Hey Neville,
    Unfortunately I lost the link (‘[m a bone head) to the video course “behind the scenes house of rave”. I have the password and receipt if you need me to e-mail it to you. Could you forward me the link again?–thanks,

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    I was wondering if you know of any info (interview, ebook, etc) about your friend who runs Appsumo? I have an idea that is similar (but a very different niche) and would love to learn more about how he started his business and runs it today. maybe it would make a good addition to your blog :-)

  113. Nathan McDonald

    hahaha Just signed up to receive updates on your upcoming kopywriting kourse… when I saw the bit about the keyboard from a wallet I was amazed!! Then I thought it was a joke, then I went on the link and it was real! >< hahaha

    Great blog as usual Nev, always surprising me! Can't wait for the copy writing info and I'll be back again soon :-)

  114. gesco


    Enjoyed the video with you and Noah. Question: Is the Kopywriting Kourse close to or the same course as you did with Andrew Warner?

  115. Johnny

    Hey Neville… I’m from San Antonio! Which is kool – in case you happen to have a seminar or maybe a krash kourse on something – I can be there in an hour.

    Dude, I keep seeing everyone got the Kourse for like $59. But I don’t see that deal anywhere. What gives? Can I still get the kourse for that kind of koin?

    1. Neville

      Hey Johnny, the $59 deal was for one day only at AppSumo. Now you can buy it through AppSumo exclusively….and it’s only $69 for now.

      I will however be raising the price much higher soon.

      People are COMPLETELY changing their business lives with it….so I’d say it doesn’t matter how much it costs!

  116. Allain

    Financial Tracking?

    Hi. I just recently bought your program in appsumo about muse creation (dropshipping) and you mentioned Ramit Sethi, which prompted me to bought his book as well. I Just finished reading his book and found it very amusing. He mentioned about “selling services” or “freelancing” on his book and I was thinking about you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m straight. lol. Anyway, I’m a frequent visitor of your site and saw your October 2011 Goals which includes “Start Tracking Finances” again. What does it mean? Are you somehow “lost” with your financial tracking? If your answer is Yes, then I can probably help you. Let me give you a little background about myself. I’m a CPA, Financial Planner (both Business and Personal) and and microsoft excel trainer. Well,I would like to propose in terms of barter. Either I can work for you for FREE and recommend me to someone who would like to keep their financials on track.. or you can teach me more about dropshipping or other business… I just read 4HWW and I want to get out of my cubicle. What do you think? Appreciate your reply. Thanks.

    1. Neville Post author

      I make enough to spend pretty much whatever I want….and unrestrained it gets high.

      For JUST MYSELF last month I spent $4,500!

      I don’t mind that….I just want to make sure I know WHERE I’m spending that :-)

      1. Allain

        Wow. That’s really cool for a 28 y/o. I’m 29 already and haven’t tried spending that much. Hehe. Anyway, just let me know if you need help in monitoring your expenses. :-)

  117. Francisco

    Hi, I would like to know if you are offering the text transcript of the videos in the Kopywriting Kourse… Thanks

  118. B. Bosnic

    Yo Neville,

    What’s good yo? I just read your interview on Mixergy with Andrew. I loved it loved it loved it loved it. Good stuff on there especially since there was real actionable stuff on there not just some theoretical bullshit (I’ve been using AIDA in my communication for the past week, well see how that works out). Either way get in touch with me if you need a disciple. I can be a shaman monk for you helping you with anything you need if you trade me some actionable business advice. My specialties include financial analysis/modeling and overall accounting. You will not be disappoint

  119. Nathan

    Nev, please for the love of God sort out an email address so your spam goes to!!

    I get nothing but SEO companies telling me how shit I’m running nev-blog! (I actually work in SEO myself and I can’t see anything wrong with this website)

    But please sort out an email address for the spam mate – I’m already having to create a new email address to end the rein of spam but I’m hesitant about commenting on here in the future!

    Thanks mate

  120. Alon Porat

    Must have help with words.

    It’s a hard thing to admit, but I’m a copywriter in search of help from a better copywriter.
    Don’t tell anyone.

    Waiting to hear from you.

  121. Dustin Daniels

    Nev, thank you so much for you HoR drop shipping course. I found you through AppSumo at the end of September. I have been out of work for over 2 years from the tech sector. It took me a couple of weeks to nail down an industry to sell from, but by November. I built my store though BigCommerce.

    It was a little tough to get a company to agree with drop shipping, so I did my business in reverse I guess you could say. I contacted several companies that I wanted to do drop shipping for me, none would agree, as their margins were pretty thin already, and they didn’t see how they would benefit.

    So I went ahead and used one of these stores online anyway. I started taking orders with my prices marked up a little, and had the items delivered to my address at first. I contacted the company again, after I had made a few sales, and they came back and agreed that I was providing them additional sales they weren’t getting. I talked to the president, and he is now allowing me to use a discount code, and placing my business cards with the products that ship out from my sales.

    The one thing that you said about doing SEO sounded too simple – using specific file names, adding content, ‘BUILDING A MOAT”- but its amazing! I can search for the product and model names that I carry, and my store ranks right up on top of most searches. Even well above my drop shipper, if they even show up. And I haven’t paid for any adwords or any marketing. I just followed you advice about SEO, it really is that simple and works very well! This was a big reason my drop shipper agreed, was that my products could be found easier than theirs.

    Thanks again man! I’m already thinking about my next online store :)

    1. Dustin Daniels

      Oh, and by the way- having a successful online business like this, helped me land a job back in the tech sector again. My website provides nice supplement to my income now, eventually I know it will grow enough to become my freedom!

  122. Justin Ehling

    Signed up for Kopywriting Kourse a while back and have username and password but need URL of course. Would you be so kind?

    Much thanks!

  123. Martin Williams

    Hi Neville,

    I purchased your Kopywriting Kourse and I’m blown away with all the great tips. I did an example and wanted to get feedback. It’s for Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer.

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  124. Aric

    Hi Neville, FYI when browsing your blog on an iphone the monkey popup covers the entire screen and can’t be closed, the X button is outside of the screen.

  125. John

    Hey Neville,

    looking for some new motivation to start a business I somehow stumbled upon your blog. Being a Texas Graduate 08 I was proud to see that a fellow alum was successful. Currently, I run a food truck down in Houston. I would definitely like to meet you in person. I am having a hard time finding people that are as motivated as me.

    Thanks Neville

  126. YOUr IDIOT

    FUck u i can’t see your page when u said “Use the navigation bar located top/right of the M200 screen to delve further into the page. Enjoy :)” are u an asshole?

  127. Joe Crescenzi

    Great stuff. I’ve been getting AppSumo emails for a while and I have always loved the copy… and I have purchased on more than one occasion, so I know the copy itself is effective.

    I often wondered if I could learn to write copy like that, then I found your AppSumo tutorial and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the video not only revealed some great techniques, but it led me to find out that YOU were the guy who wrote all the AppSumo copy I’ve admired for all that time.

    There is no better testament to the effectiveness of the copy writing you are teaching than the fact that I found your lessons because I responded to an email you wrote.

    Can I hire you?

  128. Liz Becker


    I really like your blog. Please let me know if you would accept paid guest posts on If so, what are your guidelines?


  129. Jason

    Hey Nev,

    Long time watcher. I really admire what you are doing here and I was very inspired by the drop-ship sumo for the Rave site. I’m a full time commercial music writer and I’m looking to supplement my income.

    How much do I need to pay you for a consult? I need help.


    1. Neville Post author

      I don’t really do “consults” for people who need too much help (it’ll be WAY too expensive)!

      I offer some consults in the KopywrtingKourse and the COurse about a Course, but not personal one-on-one help at the time :-/

  130. Talia

    Nev, your blog and Kopywriting Course are fabulous! You’ve become a hot topic of conversation in our little magazine-publishing office here in Melbourne, Australia.
    You do, however, make it bloody hard to find your contact details! I would like to make a small proposition to you but don’t think this public forum is the place. Please email me on the address on this form. It’s a quick question with potential benefits for you.
    All the best

  131. Chris

    Would you be interested in free guest blog posts centering around the legal side of finances? Subjects that could be approached include, but are not limited to, fraud, personal injury, accidents, dui, etc. Of course, finances will be tied into all of these. I have tons of ideas that I could get written if you’re interested. If you’ll email me back and the email I provided, we can discuss details and I can get you some stuff very soon.

  132. Pennyroll

    I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but if not, I thought I’d let you know. When I searched “Nevblog” on Google, at the top of the results, just before your sitelinks is a message that say

    “This site may be compromised.
    Documenting one man’s efforts to financial success from the age of 22.”

    This site may be compromised link points to;?sa=X&ved=0CF8QpwgwAA

    Just thought you should be aware if you weren’t already.

  133. Carol Tice

    Hi Neville — I’m a business writer finishing up a book about starting your business on a shoestring.

    It was recommended to me that you might be willing to talk about your startup — I’m looking for a case study for my ecommerce business chapter.

    Manuscript is due 6/30 — would love to talk if you’re willing. Looks like a fab blog you have here! I teach freelance writers how to earn more over on mine.

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    Its my pleasure to get a response to your website.

    Thanks and God Bless

    Best Regards

  135. Paul Groberts

    Hi, Nev.

    I’m struggling in the search for financial success myself.
    Just wondering, do you accept guest posts? I have something that would be of great use to your readers.

    So drop me a line via email.

    Paul G.

  136. Rossi Lemon



    I was just going through few sites and blogs yesterday and came across your site too. I really liked the way you have presented your site. I was reading some of your content and really found them interesting and informative. So I was just wondering if I can also do something for your site.

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  137. mvt

    Hi Neville,

    Im interesed to buy an advertorial, writed by me or by you. The advert will be with 1 link and to a finance site.

    Wait your answer.

    Best Regards,

    Bechira Paul Sergiu

    Timisoara – Romania

  138. Dylan Watkins

    Hey Fatty,

    First off. . . I have to say.

    Just found your blog recently, Love you work, Love the boron letters, and thanks for the never ending stream of useful, practical and interesting shit. . . (SERIOUSLY, A BIG HELP!)
    I have done several of your courses including Kopy I & II, Blueprint I & II, and How to start a drop ship comp. . . oh and the course about a course. (All highly recommended)

    So I am trying to put your methods to practice and I have a RANDOM QUESTION. . . I was hoping you could do me a solid. If not, no worries. . . I love still you. . . (NO, not like that)

    Do you think you could give me the Email of (Chris from Salt Lake)?
    He was the one that commented on your blog about the SMOG Eating Paint.

    I wanted to reach out to him and find out more about his process.
    Anything you can do will be SUPER appreciated.

    Thanks BIG FAT SUMO Brother

  139. Matt Baker

    Hi Nev

    Just searched for your blog on Google and Google are saying that your site is compromised (in the search results)

    I’ve taken a screen shot and can mail it to you if you would like ? I live in the UK and I am an avid fan so thought you should know.



  140. Jason

    Hey Neville,

    What sites would you recommend reading often that are about starting/running businesses? What do you read?

    I’m looking for as much content about starting a business as I can find (great content). I haven’t started anything myself, but I’ve found that I stay enthused and interested if I’m consuming good content often (like yours). I’ve already bought two AppSumo courses.


  141. Eugene Kantarovich


    I have some information that you could blog about. All customers are looking for the lowest price. They don’t know it but that is what the Minimum Resale Price is. You can look that up. Businesses could set them and let customers know.

    Best Regards,
    Eugene Kantarovich
    6577 Windham ln.
    Long Grove, IL 60047

  142. Mike Tunney

    I’m a fan of your blog and the work you’ve done with AppSummo. I recently moved to Austin from Chicago, and I’d love to pick your brain for 10-15 mins about your path and markerting over coffee this week.

    I’m a recovering attorney and I’m looking to break into the marketing world, specifically copywriting.

    I know you’re super busy but my schedule is pretty flexible.


    Mike Tunney

  143. Matt Carmean

    Hi Neville,
    Just reiterating what Chris said in his earlier post. – Google lists your site as possibly compromised. Also the link to Enwon at the bottom of redirects to a site chock full of trojans and nasties (I’m assuming that’s why Google is showing the warning).

    I was on there searching for your contact info… I built something for the Sumo Business Blueprint fanatics (myself included). I wanted to see if you’re interested in taking a look or trying it out. It’s basically a productivity tool to go along with the validation process you outline.

    Hope to hear from you (and good luck with the enwon site)!

    Matt Carmean

  144. Dalia

    I am sorry , I am not buying that you are following all these comments ! anyways I had to give it a shot ! I am an Egyptian girl a bit older than you are , experienced and I am trying to start my own business or blog , of course I want to make money out of it but I really really really want to enjoy my life away from office space , so I need your help , how you can help > 2 ways :

    1. give me an interview with u , not that traditional boring interviews I promise
    2. help me out with a few tips and discuss hte blog’s subject and overall theme with me

    lets see if you are following or not

  145. Joel

    Nev, do you do paid skype/telephone consultations. I am a student of the Sumo Business Blueprint Course. I tested my idea six months ago and everything went pretty well. I just launched my site last week and things are not going too well. Could really use a fresh set of eyes from someone with your experience and am happy to pay for your time. Please let me know.

  146. Steve

    Do you have any package deals for your courses. That way I can save enough to vacation in Cuba. (You greedy capitalist bastard).


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  148. Kevin

    Hi Neville,
    Do you still do freelance work? I sent you an email asking for a quote but haven’t heard back.

  149. Natasa Lekic

    Hi Neville,

    Thanks for the recommendation. “This is Earl Nightingale” was well worth the effort it took to find a copy.

    Since by now, I feel in some weird way like I know my pal Neville, I thought I’d ask you a quick question about printing. Do you know of a cheap, decent quality printer? It seems like the printers really get you on shipping costs. Thought I’d ask in case you’ve had this issue.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.


  150. Simon

    Right then Mr Medhora,

    Let me put this bluntly, I love reading your blog!!! I find it interesting, inspiring, and most of all encouraging. You and your words of wisdom have shown me (and possibly many others) that there is a way out of the daily grind and that it is possible to create a lifestyle that suits me and my circumstances.

    So I went for it!!!

    I designed & created a product that solved peoples problems, set up a blog, social mediarized (yes a new word) the product, produced it and then Blam!!! Everybody wanted it…………..ah well the last part is not strictly true.

    Here is a brief background to the project;
    I love photography, I studied it in college. At college we used to print off “cheat sheets” that offered us tips on exposure, shutter speed etc. etc. but they were awkward to carry around so I designed a deck of cards that incorporated the fundamental principles of photography and showed them to everybody who has half an idea about photography e.g. Tutors, students and the like and guess what……. They loved them.
    O.K. I thought, market research…… more and more people are buying “pro-sumer” camera models (because people upgrade from smartphones I presume), so these people need to learn the basics. “Photography tips” is searched a billion times a month worldwide so I presumed I had a huge potential market to offer my fantastic product to.

    So I paid to have 500 decks printed, set up my website, Paypal organised and WOW!!! The silence is deafening.

    Where did it go wrong I hear you say, well the answer is marketing. I know nothing about marketing and I BLAME YOU!!! The belief and the ideas you encourage are fantastic and I am proud and thankful you inspired me. I naively believed you had all the answers, but you don’t, and I wish you did. I have a good product that helps people but who is going to help me, Neville Medhora, WHO!!!

    In case you’re interested my website is;

    (The product is pretty cool, I would have wanted it when studying)

    Sorry to rant,

    Simon Waddington

    1. Steve

      Gary Halbert
      Joseph Sugarman

      I have been applying these principles to my job and the results have been good. There are also some courses and interviews at that have helped with understanding how to launch products. I just watched the Susan Su interview called “Your First Product”. Make sure you have a contingency plan for success. Don’t apologize for your product not being free, it is off putting. Be confident and tell people they are lucky for not having to pay more.

      I hope this helps you get past whatever is blocking you.

      GOOD LUCK!!!!

  151. matthew

    Hey Neville,
    I’m 22 just graduated college and thinking of attempting to get in to a very exclusive event. I am in a wheelchair which does draw attention although people do not usually ask me too many questions especially if I am in a tuxedo. The tickets are to be picked up at the door I’m a little If you have any more tips it would be appreciated.

  152. Cyrus

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  154. Kira

    You have a very informative nevblog website and would like to work with you!
    I would like to know if you accept pre-written blog post with links! Could you please give me the general rates?
    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Kind Regards,

  155. Michele

    Hey Neville,
    I want to take a copywriting (or kopywriting) course and I see you have different options – one on skillshare, one linked here… Can you tell me the difference?

    Also it says it’s over video, how does that work? Are there exercises involved or is it more of a ‘lecture-style’ format?


    1. Neville Post author

      If you like Skillshare’s format you can do that…..but I personally think it’s better to do the style I created at as it’ll teach you better (in my opinion).

    2. Steve

      First I got the KopywritingKourse and when the Skillshare came out I got that and was disappointed because it covered the same stuff. If I were to do it again with both options available I would choose the original KK option. Whichever you choose, follow the directions. It will work, but it is work. Start writing this way, AIDA, and you will start to see results. You can pay $1 or $100 for the information but when you actually apply it, the results, positive or negative, will help you be better at writing. This might sound like a vague response. I have been applying and further researching the KopywritingKourse principles and I keep getting better results.

      P.S. “AIDA”

      P.P.S. I think I broke all of the AIDA rules in my response. Nobody cares about me, they care about themselves. How many “I’s” are in my response?

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  160. Nick

    Hey Nev, Nick writing from Greenville, NC. I’m a young college student looking to succeed. I’ve had my struggles with trying to find a job in the area, and I was wondering if you would be able to give me any kind of insight. Any way that I might would be slightly more well off financially. Hope to hear from you soon.



  161. puneet

    I run an ad agency and would like to advertise on your blog. I’m mostly
    interested in text-link advertising in one of your existing post OR in a new
    post. Please let me know if there’s interest and how much would it cost?.

  162. Daniel

    I just ordered your book and I am excited for it to arrive tomorrow! Is it the same information in the copy writing course on appsumo?

  163. Steve

    On APPSUMO’s article: The Guide to Getting No Cost Traffic from YouTube, you mention you only want two things from YouTube; Cat Videos was number one.

    You’re in luck my friend because as it so happens, my daughter made the one below (coincidentally earlier today). Enjoy!

  164. Jessika Santiago

    Hi Nev,
    First time commentator and long time reader. I am looking to create a e-commerce site. Some of the products I am looking are party equipment- lava lamps, laser lights, speakers, etc, amongst others though. I know you have spent a lot of time doing this, do you have any good trade shows you visited that you recommend?

  165. Andre F.

    Hey nev, just wanted to say that your a big inspiration and I’ve learned a lot from your blog.

    I have a question, I’ve recently started my own blog that deals with male lifestyle and topics related to it (fashion, dating, nutrition, exercise). My question is what’s the best way that I can get my blog out there? How can I advertise my blog effectively to gain some traction?

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    any other course you might recommend on the topic



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  171. Jordan Flynn


    one of these three people may be able to answer my question.

    I am subscribed to nevblog, appsumo and okdork.

    I received an email about guest posting and within this email someone (pretty sure was you neville) wrote about adam from my body tutors failing attempts to guest post on a website?


    NEVILLE DID YOU WRITE THIS PIECE OF GOLDEN LITERATURE! or do u know if i got it from appsumo/okdork?

    Please comment back where I can find it again (if you know), I cannot find it within my inbox!

    Your a legend!


    Loud mouth Jordan


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