Going Full “Proper Typing” Today

I’ve been re-learning how to type correctly since February 2020, and I’ve hit a plateau of around 40 WPM.

The reason is I’m still reverting to my original way of “chicken pecking” when I need to type (because I’m so much faster), but as of today I must rip the Band-Aid off all at once and start typing the correct way from now on.

Ughh..even writing this short post was very frustrating because of how slow it went. Anyways, a necessary sacrifice for future fast typing!!

NevBlog Podcast

This is the NevBlog podcast! It’s posted in random places.

Pretty random at the moment, so don’t expect much.

#1: The Instagram Experiment and Results

I bought an Instagram account with 75,000 followers, and decided to run some tests to see if Instagram was worth spending a lot of time on (for Kopywriting Kourse stuff).

You can see all the numbers/graphs/charts on this page: https://kopywritingkourse.com/social-media-strategy/

Turns out by not posting to Instagram for a few days, we lost 60X the exposure vs when we were posting. Yikes!

February 2020 Goals

Goals for Feb 2020:

Learn to type:
I literally don’t know how to type correctly. My speed is about ~65 WPM which is above average, and I can type all day without looking at the keyboard, but I only use two fingers (aka I “chicken peck” type):

For someone how is considered a writer by profession, this is kind of hilarious (or sad) 😂

So over February I am going to attempt to break this habit and learn to type properly and get my speed to over 100 WPM.


Book KDP Publish:
As a fun side project I’m putting out a short book about death, largely based off this death calculator. It is about 50% done content wise, and we have figured out how to make the publishing process maybe a 1 day affair rather than much longer.

December 2019 Goals

1.) Write book and publish.

2.) IF stricter (been really lax on eating window lately).

3.) Advisory board pitch deck.


November 2019 Goals

Goals for November 2019:

Social Media Stuff:
Buffer scheduling.
Reddit posts.

Read 3 books:
The Davinci Code (get from library).
Remote (already bought off Amazon).
Million Dollar Consultant (already bought off Amazon).

Write 1 book:
Already got it started, think I can do it. Did it before.

Standing desk:
Sitting all the time sucks.
Standing all the time sucks.
But sometimes sitting, and sometimes standing is awesome!


October 2019 Goals

The goals for October 2019 are as follows:

Workout 5 days a week:
Self explanatory.

Semi-Sober October:
Abstain with exception of once per week….or if something is just really fun 😂

Book per week:
Read 4 books in the month, different genres for each.

2 Classes:
Take two classes in something.