November 2018 Calorie + Workout Tracking

DateWorkoutTarget CaloriesTotal Calories
Nov 01Workout #425001,850
Nov 02Bike ride 10 miles25002,350
Nov 03Workout #525002,500
Nov 04Workout #1 + Cardio25002,500
Nov 05Workout #2 + Bike25002,400
Nov 06Workout #325002,150
Nov 07Workout #425002,650
Nov 08Rest25002,800
Nov 09Workout #5 (didn't do) 🤨25002,700
Nov 1025mi Bike Ride25002,500
Nov 11Workout #525002,450
Nov 12Workout #1 (didn't do)25002,800
Nov 13Workout #1 + Cardio25002350
Nov 1412mi Bike Ride25001,690
Nov 15Workout #2 (didn't do)25002,500
Nov 16Workout #2 2500550
Nov 17Workout #325002,500
Nov 18Workout #425002,300
Nov 19None25002,550
Nov 20Workout #5 + Cardio2500
Nov 21
Nov 22
Nov 23
Nov 24
Nov 25
Nov 26
Nov 27
Nov 28
Nov 29
Nov 30

Workouts based on Billy’s workout.

Dogsitting Butch

Got this little monkey for a while:


This head mysteriously pops up whenever there’s food

He barely fits under the couch, but still tries

That ball might be too big

It’s the circle of life!

City dawg

Burqa Butch

TravelCon 2018 Notes

My good friend Nomadic Matt threw a conference called TravelCon which I attended and spoke at.

I went on right after Ryan Holiday and the talk went extremely well. Part of the talk was on how to create timeless content and re-vamp old posts, and part of the talk showed how I turned my whole talk & slides into this post on blog content strategy –>

Here’s some of my notes:

travelcon 2018 notes neville

Just hanging

Rooftop party @ HomeAway

Sam Parr speaking

Prepping for my talk on stage

Party @ Belmont

View from Fairmont


Fairmont View

Brent speaking

Ryan Holiday talking

Sam speaking

Brent’s talk about book marketing

Matt speaking


Andrew Warner of Mixergy hosted a Whiskey Night (at a diff conference in The Fairmont)

Hanging out on stage before talk