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About Neville - Tracking the road to financial success from the age of 22 (now 27).

April 2020 Goals

The goals for April 2020 include:

#1.) Get NevBlog setup on the new WordPress Gutenberg building and get used to using it. Also install Atomic Blocks plugin and use.

#2.) Hit 168lbs consistent weight. I have a $500 bet riding on this. Setup a little chart infront of the weighting scale with a pen attached so I have to physically write my weight out each morning:

#3.) 10KAR

Going Full “Proper Typing” Today

I’ve been re-learning how to type correctly since February 2020, and I’ve hit a plateau of around 40 WPM.

The reason is I’m still reverting to my original way of “chicken pecking” when I need to type (because I’m so much faster), but as of today I must rip the Band-Aid off all at once and start typing the correct way from now on.

Ughh..even writing this short post was very frustrating because of how slow it went. Anyways, a necessary sacrifice for future fast typing!!

NevBlog Podcast

This is the NevBlog podcast! It’s posted in random places.

Pretty random at the moment, so don’t expect much.

#1: The Instagram Experiment and Results

I bought an Instagram account with 75,000 followers, and decided to run some tests to see if Instagram was worth spending a lot of time on (for Kopywriting Kourse stuff).

You can see all the numbers/graphs/charts on this page:

Turns out by not posting to Instagram for a few days, we lost 60X the exposure vs when we were posting. Yikes!