Monthly Archives: April 2019

April 2019 Goals

Here’s the monthly goals for April 2019:

1.) I wanna start up Amish Hour again, starting at roughly 10pm each night. Obviously this depends on what’s happening at 10pm, but if I’m home it means I need to put away all electronics.

Usually when I do Amish Hour it has a few cascading effects:

  • I won’t unnecessarily eat or snack.
  • I end up reading A LOT. The previous month I read ZERO BOOKS in their entirety because I was goofing off or watching TV at night.
  • Going to to sleep happens much faster. I love reading, but towards the end I’m pretty dang sleepy and fall asleep fast.
  • More “thinking time” at night. I get a helluvalot of good ideas at night if I’m doing Amish Hour. There’s something about night I’ve always loved more than the day for thinking and ideas.

2.) 1,600 calorie intake per day. I started at 185 lbs and lost 15 lbs in one month, but then plateaud there. Now I hover between 170 and 173 lbs on a daily basis. Aiming for 1,600 calories per day is a healthy goal for me.

It’s pretty simple usually if I just don’t eat all day (aka intermittent fasting). I’ve absolutely loved my time not eating during the day these last few months. It makes me sharper, there’s less decisions to make, and quite frankly it’s super easy.

I can make it till 2pm not eating super easy. 4pm is pretty easy also, but I start getting tempted for a snack. And if I don’t eat by then, I’ll often just go till 6pm or wait till dinner before consuming anything at all.

3.) NYC 200. I’ll be spending part of April and nearly all of May in NYC. Specifically Brooklyn.

4.) Oil the Machine. The Kopywriting Kourse Machine is working well, and it’s my job to make sure it’s oiled and remove any blockages.