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Free (almost) Copywriting for you

I’m doing an experiment where I will be offering (almost) free copywriting.  This is GREAT for anyone about to send out an email or promotion to your list of customers!

Yes, there is a “buy now” button at the end of this post….but it’s there to prevent every weirdo with a website from taking me up on this.


If you have a testable page or email you’re sending out soon…..send me:

  1. The text you’ve already wrote (if you already have it).  This can be your monthly newsletter, a “welcome” email,  a specific product promotion (like I did here) etc…
  2. A little info about the offer and some benefits it has for your customers.  You can also call me and tell me instead of emailing everything about it.

…and I will re-write the email or page copy for you!

It will be written in my own style…so it will naturally be very different from what you traditionally send out.


Because when I sent out my first email like this, I was used to getting 2 orders per promotion I sent out….then I changed the style…..and got 120 orders in a day!  Read about it here.

I’ve also helped AppSumo make a lot more money through their emails using this style.

I’ve also helped on a lot of different projects which have made the promotions much more successful.

So if you want to try this “experiment” with me….sign up for this.


You have to promise me you’ll give me the data for the copy I write for you.

For example, Andrew Warner of Mixergy used copywriting stuff I taught him and sent me this screenshot with experiment data:

See…THIS kind of stuff helps me AND you.  If I write an email for you….I don’t really know if what I’m doing is correct or not.  Maybe the writing just plain sucks.

I need to know this stuff….so I’ll be asking for your data if you take me up on this offer.  This also further helps YOU figure out what “tone” to address your customers in.

If you want me to write something for you, but don’t want to send me the data….the price will be higher.  Contact me separately for that.


  • I prefer doing emails instead of webpages as those are easiest and quickest to measure.
  • I’ll be writing a max of 2-3 pages for you.  Don’t send me long-ass webpages to reformat unless you want to pay more.
  • You MUST send me the results data after sending.  Preferably split-tested stuff.  The ideal experiment would be something like: Someone sending out an email promotion they already wrote, then have me re-write it, then split-test the two against each other.
  • I can refuse any request.  If your request is just plain spammy or bad I cannot do this for you.  Or if I just think I can’t write a good piece for you….a prompt and courteous refund will be sent back to your PayPal account (and PayPal refunds fees, so you won’t lose a cent).
  • It will take me up to 3 days to do your copy (I’ll write them in “first come, first serve” order).
  • I’m taking a maximum of 10 people for this. Each piece takes hours…so this isn’t a profitable thing for me (remember…I’m going after your DATA here, not your money).



Buy the offer through PayPal ($35) and it’ll immediately re-direct you with a page for more instructions of what to send me:


Email or call if you have any issues!  I’ll be taking down the Buy Now button soon as the 10-person quota hits.
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The Eight Secrets to Getting Rich

One of my favorite books EVER is How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis.

Towards the end of the book in chapter 19 he attempts to summarize the entire book into eight very-condensed bullet points.

I have written them out verbatim in order to remember them better:

Short Copy Vs. Long Copy

I was just interviewed by Andrew Warner of Mixergy for a video course on how to improve website or email copy….

…and one of my favorite things to say when he asked the question:

“What’s better: Short copy or long copy?”

I answered with the old adage:


You should be able to see the full course on this Friday (5-6-2011).

I believe it will be 100% free for one day.

This will be really useful if you write, as it explains exactly how I made AppSumo a ton of money through emails.

May Ripped Month

On the May 2011 Goals I wrote “MBT Ripped Month”.

This means I’ve joined MyBodyTutor again for a one month “Re-fresher”.

In 2010 I did a Six-Pack Experiment where I tried to get six-pack abs in a month (it ended up taking more like 5 weeks).  I’ve pretty much maintained that physique for the most part until 2 months ago.

Two months ago I tried GAINING weight, and would eat about 3,500 to 4,000 calories per day.  That’s actually A LOT considering I eat mainly healthier foods.  It was actually quite a bitch to eat that much every day.

However two months of eating like that put a liiiitttlle more “chub” on me.  I’m still not fat by any measure, but I’d like a re-fresher for summer.

So over the next month I’ll be in extreme-healthy mode and be tracking everything I eat on this ghetto chart I made:

You can already see the first few days have been tracked meal-by-meal.  I’ve been writing the total number of calories consumed per day, then the net calories (total calories – calories burned working out).

Simply by looking at this chart at the end of May I will be able to tell if I lost or gained weight….did you know 3,500 calories = 1 pound?

This re-fresher is not about weight, it’s about looks.  Now to track visual progress I need a reference point.  So that point was today (forgot to take pics on May 1st).

Without further ado, here’s more of what this blog needs…MORE HALF-NAKED PICTURES OF NEVILLE!

From the side I look ok.  This picture was actually taken after 3 full dayrs of extremely healthy and low-cal eating plus right after a workout PLUS I forgot to eat in the morning. …so it probably is slightly better than a few days ago.

I also made a .gif image to show the sucking-in effect on my abs….this picture kind of freaks me out and makes me laugh!

As you can see the six-pack isn’t showing up AS MUCH from the front view.  This will hopefully change over May mainly because of a better food intake and partially because of exercise, and a great help from MBT!

May 2011 Goals

Got your May 2011 goals set out yet?  I do:

1.) The HoR Promo is a promotion I’m getting done for House Of Rave.

2.) The MBT goal is as you may remember MyBodyTutor.  This is the company run by Adam that I used to get a six-pack in about a month.

Since it’s summer I want to do at least one “refresher” month.  The last two months I’ve actually been trying to GAIN weight, now it’s time to shed some of that.