Name: Neville Medhora

Age: 37 (1982 – 2067)

Location: Born: Houston. Primary: Austin. Secondary: San Francisco.

Ethnicity: Indian, Parsi Zoroastrian.

Occupation: Entrepreneur.  NevBlog.com.  HouseOfRave.com.  AppSumo.com. KopywritingKourse.com. TheHustle.co.  Kopy.tv. RealSavvy. Swipe File.

High School: Langham Creek High School (Houston, TX.)

University :
University of Texas Austin, graduated in 2006 in Political Science and Business.

Instruments Played: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Doumbek, Piano, drums. A little bit of harmonica. Not great at any of them, but if it makes noise it easily amuses me.

Idolize: People who are self-made. People who are happy. People who make the world better.  People who advance the future of our species just a tiny bit.

What do I do?
How about I explain it with a quick video?

This blog was originally started for the sole purpose of keeping a track of my financial goals and status. I often use this blog to look back on what I was doing at (x) time this year, so I try to keep it populated with financial events in my life. Occasionally I try to help people learn something new.

Here’s a quick story of how I got started in entrepreneurship.

a quick story of how I got started in entrepreneurship.



Keep a general record of thoughts, events, happenings, and random pictures of cute dogs.

Private life is private.

Self-control of this digital surrogate brain is important as social platforms often fade away, change, and own the content.


After reading this blog, many people have personally told me:

  • This blog was their inspiration to start their very first business and quit their job (because of this).
  • They started eating better and lost weight (because of this).
  • They think I’m awesome (for actually TRYING things instead of just talking about them like this and this).
  • They think I’m horrible (because of things like this).
  • Think I have too much time on my hands (because of stuff like this).



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