Monthly Archives: December 2004

New Goals

My next short term goal is to:

Make $11,000 by April 31st, 2005.

This means I must make an average of:

  • $2,750 per month
  • $687 per week
  • $98 per day

This goal is more than double my last 4 month goal, so something about my income must change. I must either work more, make more money from my online business or create a new income stream. I plan to do all three.

December 31st Goal Met

One of the reasons I started this blog was to track if I was meeting, exceeding or falling short of my goals. One of my short term goals was:

By December 31st, 2004, I should have made $5,000 since September.

Well it is December 31st, here is how I performed:

September Business Profit: + $468

October Business Profit: + $459

November Business Loss: $9 (Server was down)

December Business Income: + $913

Profit from Wheaton Sale (WHT): + $567

Profit from Syntel Sale (SYNT): + $776

Loss from V.I. Tech Sale (VITX): – $316

Birthday Money: + $101

Parents: + $240

Work: + $1,930

Webpage Work: + $150

Total Income: + $5,604

Total Losses: – $325

Total Money Made: $5,279

Asset Update

General Account: $2,118

Business Balance: $2,416

Spending Account: $385

Investment Account: $1,035

Permanent Savings: $5,260

Stock Portfolio Value: $8,118

Credit Card Balance: $0

Total Assests: $19,332 (+ $900)

NYC Spending Update

Still in New York and having lots of fun. Here is an updated breakdown of my expenditures up till day 9 of the trip:

  • $188 – Two tickets to New Year’s party
  • $75 – Random spending money
  • $18 – Movie Tickets
  • $80 – Spending Cash
  • $20 – Subway Costs
  • $14 – NYC Lunch
  • $20 – Spending Cash
  • Total – $415

I haven’t broken down “spending cash” because it would be a very long list of small things like hot dogs, drinks, tips etc. Keep in mind I have also been paying for two people in many places.

NYC Trip Update

I’m in NYC right now, and so far I have been paid for in most places. Major spending to point out so far (Day 4 of the trip):

  • $188 – Two tickets to New Year’s party
  • $75 in random spending money

So far very little money has been spent, but the worst is still to come during New Years. For the time being, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Dynegy Performance

Dynegy (DYN) stock took a massive drop after it reported paying off debt, but then took a nice rebound. I waited for the stock to drop rock bottom, then make its way up. I have a limit order for 220 shares of Dynegy at $4.65, but unfortunately the market is on a holiday schedule.

Dynegy was also upgraded by several firms to $5.10

I plan to hold Dynegy for the longterm, so I may sell a few shares if it reaches that target, then buy it again if it goes lower. This was I can keep the stock longterm, but extract some profit along the way.

Dynegy looks like it’s back on track and ready to make a rebound. In the short term I still think the stock will be shaky, but 2+ years everything looks alright.


Bought on September 13th as an experimental trade, SCON turned out to be quite a loser. The original investment was a paultry $387, so I decided to let it stick around to see what happens. The company had a decent product aimed towards the telecommunications market and a lot of good press. The last few weeks the stock slowly started rising, jumped over 30% in one day, and today finally hit my target sell price of $1.40.

Today marked the day when Superconductor Technologies (SCON) finally paid off. I was originally trying to just break even, but it paid off holding it. It at least paid off the loss I made on JBL two days ago.

Jabil Technologies (JBL)

Bought 45 shares at $25.84 one day, sold the next day for $25.35 when the stock started slipping despite a slightly better than expected earnings report. -$22.05

Leaving for the Big Expensive Apple

I’m going to New York tommorrow for two weeks. I will continue to update the site from there (it will be especially important to keep track of my spending while visiting).

As for now, here are my current account balances. By the time I get back, the spending account may very well be $0.00 !

General Account: $1,108

Business Balance: $2,422

Spending Account: $503

Investment Account: $1,044

Permanent Savings: $5,221

Stock Portfolio Value: $8,134

Credit Card Balance: $0

Total Assests: $18,432

Stock update

Today I bought 45 shares of Jabil Circuit Inc (JBL) at $25.83 a share. I put some money on them because they provide the inner workings of today’s modern gizmos…not to mention they were reporting earnings today.

Jabil Circuit Inc. reported after the market closed that sales rose 21% and earnnings climbed 32% for the quarter. Earnings estimates were beat by $.01, not much, but this makes them ripe for a slow advance during the holiday season. Hopefully I can get a nice 8 or 10% gain during the next few days.

45 shares JBL @ $25.83 = $1162.35

Shares of JBL must rise to $27.90 for me to get an 8% gain.