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October updates

A few months ago I started working out occasionally with my friend Billy.  What’s interesting is last year he randomly entered a body building competition and won.

His secret?

Eat well + workout + do that everyday for a year.

He got down to 3.5% body fat (which is INSANE) by just following that routine……but also closely tracking it.

I’m not aiming for his results or closely tracking every workout yet, but I’ve started jotting down a few things to keep me accountable on this spreadsheet:


I’m also following Billy’s 5-day workout regimen:


What’s helped a lot is joining a gym outside of my apartment gym.

My apartment gym is nice and all, but doesn’t have the same energy, vibe, or equipment as a real gym.


Years and years and years ago I bought a Lexus GS300.  The car has been a beast over the years.  In terms of cars and price it was an unbelievable purchase.

I drive very little here in Austin so I’ve never been in a big hurry to get a new car, but I recently picked this baby up:

It’s the exact same car, just a newer GS 350:


The old GS300 in the back, new GS350 in the front:

Interesting note: Since the day I got it, I’ve never put a front license plate on my original GS300.  With this new car I’m finally road legal!

Look at dat ass:

The main thing I’ve noticed between the two cars is the level of technology.  From the starter, the door opening, any functionality, the integration with my phone……it’s all electronic.

It’s amazing to see the level of technology going into these cars.

Hope it lasts the same way the older one did!