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Mixing Business and Pleasure for Profit

I enjoy: Being productive.

I also enjoy: Hanging out with friends.

What if I COMBINED those two??  GENIUS!

Fortunately I currently own a rave company, so that often isn’t hard.

Just recently we scouted out a spot in Austin to have a little nighttime picnic (always one of my favorite thing to do), and I happened to have an LED Frisbee in my trunk.  It was a product sample I’d been meaning to take videos and pictures of.

It lights up at night, so naturally we started tossing it around, so I started snapping a few pics to post them on House Of Rave:

It’s fun to have fun AND be productive at the same time!  Click on any of those pictures and they take you to the HoR product page….these pictures help sell more Frisbee’s, and we had fun doing it.

I did however find out the limitations of an LED Frisbee…apparently they CANNOT get run over by a truck and survive in one piece.  I was  overly aggressive in a throw, and it went in the street.  A few moments later traffic started driving over it, and one lucky truck hit it.

The result:

With the exception of a partially-broken side….the thing still worked!

However, tossing a fast-spinning disc with sharp plastic edges isn’t always safe…so I decided it was the end for this Ole’ Yeller.

Like any male under 30 who’s about to throw something away, I thought it be MORE fun to first COMPLETELY DESTROY it…then throw it away!

Let me tell ya….that was one tough Frisbee.

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day from a guy who doesn’t really work!

Me hard at work:

Kettlebell Post

A few days back Josh left a comment on one of my six-pack experiment posts:

You’re always trying new things. So I’d like to recommend a quick and easy experiment for you- concerning getting in shape.

You’re always trying new things. So I’d like to recommend a quick and easy experiment for you- concerning getting in shape.

Get a 35lb kettlebell and do one exercise (swings, snatches, etc) as soon as u wake up (stretch or do some jumping jacks first to warm up) and before you go to bed. The most important thing (besides good form) is to do this TABATA style. Google it and download the app tabata timer or use the website. Takes only 4 minutes, but holy $h!t will u feel this and notice a difference.

So I did!  I went out to Wal-Mart (the only place I figured I could buy a kettle bell at 3:00am) and bought a 20 pound kettle bell (they didn’t have heavier).

Now it’s in my collection of workout accessories:

I kind of always wanted one of these things, I’ve heard  a lot of good stuff.

This post isn’t really advocating kettle bells since I haven’t really used it yet…but more of a “SEE…I do read the comments on this blog!” post.

Novelty, Beauty, Growth & Love

I was reading a book about the male mid-life crisis (the third book I’ve read on the subject), and I came across this marvelous passage:

September 2010 Goals

I’ve got my September 2010 goals ready, got yours?

I also put them on my iPhone just to make sure I carry them with me EVERYWHERE.

This month my goals are focused primarily on HouseOfRave and NevBlog.  One is a current business, one is a hobby.

Also as an unofficial health goal I’d like to schedule my ab workouts for 3 days per week again since my abs recently shrank.