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Alternate view: How Can I Have FUN Doing This

It’s happened over and over again…..

Anytime we try to make something all about money, it’s usually kinda boring and not as profitable.

Whenever we try to just make something FUN, it’s a great time AND the money somehow follows:

Next time you’re doing something boring or just for money, try asking the questions, “How can I make this fun for ME?”

….it often opens up a lot of creativity.

Weird YouTube Video Counts

I’ve always been skeptical about the YouTube view counter.

I’m trynna become a famous youtuber here, so I got to watch the stats!

Every time I post a video it’ll get something like 300 views…..but I KNOW that it’s getting more.  I’ll refresh in a few hours later and the count will still be the same.

Even with this recent email the same thing happened.

An email was sent to about 750,000 people on AppSumo today, a percentage of which either saw this on a page or an email:

When I snapped this screenshot, there were:

  • 225 Tweets
  • Tons of Facebook shares
  • 99 YouTube comments
  • Almost 100 comments on the post.

……yet look at this video counter:

Only 305 views??

Yea right.  The numbers don’t add up.  I can even see people adding new comments all the time, but the views don’t go up.

So what’s up then?  I Googled around and found this fascinating video about this YouTube number count phenomenon.  Hope you nerds out there enjoy this as much as I did!  Enjoy!


Cool huh!?

To-Do List How To

I’ve always been obsessive about the way I keep simple to-do lists for the day…..and my to-do lists have morphed many times through experimentation.

But for about 4 years now I’ve used the same method which seems to work really well for me.

It’s simply a pen and paper……and I’ll shuttup now and you can see it live:


BY THE WAY: I only plan my tasks THE DAY BEFORE.  I rarely ever add on work for the same day (it’s how I stay sane).

It’s Sunday now…….and maybe if you’re dreading Monday a bit, you can plan out your day the same way I do.  It might work for you, it might not.  Give it a try and see if it boosts your productivity :-)

Working from home – Pros and Cons

If you’ve ever worked from home before…..or WANT to work from him, this might interest you.

There’s some really cool things about working from home, and really sucky things.

I’ve always liked working from home or coffee shops.

Even till this day, I only go into our office whenever I start slowing down at home. This is simply because I get a lot of GREAT WORK done at home…..but then after few hours I get distracted and unproductive.

Here’s some of the pros, cons, tips & tricks we’ve all learned from working at home:

October 2012 Goals

New month.  New Goals. Here they are:


1.) I’ve been a little complacent in my eating habits for the last few months…..and I don’t really care from a physical point of view, but from a MENTAL point of view.  I can tell my stamina for work is lower because I’m eating crappy stuff.

Two years ago my “Getting A Six Pack Experiment” taught me that eating “clean” had a massive impact on my ability to do great work for long periods of time.  I want to make sure I’m cleaning up my diet (the simple act of adding smoothies and fruit helps immensely).


2.) “Getting in writing mode” is kind of related to the above.  But this also means waking up early on a consistent basis and getting writing done in the mornings.

I’ll be taking on A LOT more writing than I usually do (with added AppSumo deals and book stuff this month)……so I’ve got to get back in this groove of “lotsa writing output.”

You know how they say, “To become world-class at something you gotta put in 10,000 hours?”

I feel like this is part of my 10,000 hours :-)



…….have you made YOUR monthly goals yet?