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Hangout with me (virtually) at 2pm CST today!

Since Google Hangouts is cool as hell and lets you live-Youtube-stream your videos AND save them, here’s a copy of the quick 30 minute live broadcast I did.

I forgot to hit “record” until about 2 minutes in, but you’ll live.

I go over:

1.) How I hired an assistant the automated way(who helped me put together this entire thing totally last minute).


2.) How I’m building out a new product.  Backstage access.

I’m not pitching anything in this video.  Just wanted to give cool info out for fun.  I really liked this Google Hangout thing!

Lemme know if you have questions for future mini-broadcasts like this!



Hey heeyyy, I’m doing a free & quick “webinar” thing (I hate that word) on Google Hangouts in a few hours…..

….today (Tuesday 6-12-2012) at 2:00pm Central time.  
I’m gonna discuss:
1.) How I hired an assistant (in fact, he helped me put all this together).  I also hired in a very different way than most people….it’s VERY useful info.
2.) A lot of people ask how I ACTUALLY MAKE courses to sell online, and we’re about 10% done with a new course, so I’m gonna show you behind-the-scenes how that process is going.
This course will likely make me tens of thousands of dollars…..and you’ll get an inside peek at how it’s researched, filmed, and bundled up!
I’ll keep this quick……30 minutes max….maybe even less.
I’ll be sending the link via Twitter around 2pm.  (my twitter is @nevmed)
A few people can even join the actual Google Hangout (up to 9 people only) when I post it:
So keep a look out on my Twitter around 2pm CST today for the link to watch this hangout!
Seeya today at 2pm CST!

Mac Shortcuts – Watch this if you use a Mac

If you just bought a Mac, or have used one for years, I guarantee you’ll learn some productivity hacks in this video!

I was slowly convinced to buy a MacBook Air about 1 1/2 years ago….and I’ve never looked back.

You open the Mac up, and the damn thing is just READY TO GO.

And it’s not just ONE reason I’ve switched to Macs…’s like 150 very very small things that make the overall experience a pleasure.

Learning all the little tricks has helped boost my productivity a HUGE amount since I spend about 10 hours a day on a computer.

Laptop or desktop, these MacHackz will save you time:


  • Comment on the video
  • “Like” the video
  • Share your own hack 
  • Share it with friends over FB or Twitter
  • Send a sacrificial lamb to my apartment

Thank you!  Enjoy the extra hour of your day!
(unless you’re a PC user… that case….umm…good luck :-)

Funky Munky

If you see any links or items on NevBlog that look all funky-munky or don’t work, lemme know.

I just switched over to WPengine as of last night, so it might take a few days to work out some little kinks & bugs.

Comment if you find anything weird!  (I’m already aware the top navigation has some broken links).


Thank you!


P.S.  If you want free copywriting by me, enter this Kopywriting Kontest before June 10th!

The Autoresponder Kourse

“I make courses on AppSumo.”

That’s my current answer to “what do you do?”

Several of them have been big hits, and a couple flopped.

One of the primary reasons for the “flops” was simply trying to make a course that would SELL THE MOST COPIES.

However THAT was a mistake.

Instead the question should be, “What courses could I make that would HELP people the most?”

When I’ve stuck to that creedo, it’s served me (and others) very well.  Ironically when I’d make a course WITHOUT a focus on how well it will perform, it tends to do better!

This AutoresponderKourse I just released was the same thing……I was originally trying to make a “Kopywriting Kourse Part 2” because the original product did very well, but when actually planning it out, it didn’t seem to make sense.  Most of the content was ALREADY IN the original KopywritingKourse, so this product was being created solely for money purposes.

I didn’t like it.

I even asked a pretty big marketing guy I respect about the dilemma, and he said:

I never build a product just based on what people will blindly pay for.  We make the products they NEED…….and THEN find a way to sell them.

I was actually very relieved to hear him say this, because it meant I could move forward with the course I WANNNTTED to make, not the one that would simply bring in the most dollar$$.

So from there I got started with the Autoresponder Kourse:

The reason I went with this Autoresponder Kourse was because the KopywritingKourse did such a dam-good job of teaching people to write copy……and if they applied those skills to an autoresponder sequence, it would multiple the usefulness (it sure did for me).

I wish I can go back in time and kick my previous-self in the face for NOT using autoresponders earlier!

Anyhow, the AutoresponderKourse (or A.R.K. as I like to call it) is officially out.
You can buy it here.
Or signup to the autoresponder sequence here. Someone thought the course was free because “the free emails were so damn good!”

…and if you like please leave a nice review!



June 2012 Goals

New month, new goals!

Here’s mine for June 2012:

1.) I’m doing a KopywritingKourseKase Studies product where I’ll be re-writing copy for people across many different industries FOR FREE! ……so long as I get to use them as a case study.

If interested, you can signup here to be a case study and get your kopy re-written (I have a pretty good batting average at getting higher conversions).


2.) I had this one listed as a fun case study from last month (I’m going to validate a friends restaurant idea and see if they should add an additional taco truck).  This stemmed from a lot of requests where people wanted to see a brick-n-mortar business validated.

I was a bit busy getting the AutoresponderKourse out the door in May, so this one fell behind to this month.  Kind of appropriate for AppSumo to validate a TACO stand eh :-)