Why Facebook Sued Me

You can see all my previous posts about FacebookProfile.com here:

Interesting side note:
Because of the screenshots I’ve posted from FacebookProfile.com of my own Facebook profile back in the day….my whole profile (including phone number, address, email etc.) has been in HUNDREDS of documents including newspapers, magazines, published papers, blog posts, books, news stories and presentations all over the world!

Another interesting side note:
Till this day, if you Google the term “Facebook ASCII”, 98% of the art you find was made by ME! You will see it on many different websites, all by people who:

  • Read my blog posts about how much traffic FacebookProfile.com got.
  • Made their own Facebook-related site.
  • Swiped all the content from FacebookProfile.

After it was bought I didn’t care less.  However the next owner of the site never updated it, then about a year later the site disappeared…

It also doesn’t matter anymore because most of that ASCII made back then is now obsolete due to changes in Facebook’s text editor.