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August 2019 Goals

Lifetime retirement system auto setup:

The next step in my finances is to completely replace my income for life whether I work or not.

I heard the quote from a life insurance person “You’re not truly rich unless you can replace your income without working.”

I have since been asking most retired people I know and most wealthy people I know how they’ve setup their retirement accounts.

The wealthiest people I asked have the simplest plans. It actually comes down to a basic equation outlined in my Fuck You Money Calculator. They generally have a big pot of money that sits there earning a very small interest (between 2% and 3% per year) invested extremely conservatively (60% bonds, 40% index funds, no specific stocks). Example:

Retirement Pot: $5,000,000
Yearly Interest: 3%
Interest Per Year: $150,000

That’s the gist of the whole thing. You just keep adding money to that pot growing it big, and then you can live off just the interest. No work involved.

One of my goals this month is to have the entire system setup so this happens automatically:
Roth IRA: Auto maxed out each year.
SEP IRA: Auto maxed out each year.
Retirement Pot: Auto invested.


New place setup office:

I’m moving buildings in August, and I wanted to design an office where I can instantly start a call and it looks nice.

The goals are:

  • One button operation. Lighting is instantly set with one button.
  • Can either sit at computer or on the couch and talk.
  • Background will have old Ogilvy advertisements.
  • There will be a plant, preferably a fake one because I’m away so much it’ll probably die.

As a project I want to do this myself and not employ a designer. So I came up with this idea:

The idea was roughly lifted from a YouTube video I saw on converting a small guest room into an office:

Now in my head this all seems easy and will come together nicely, but we’ll see how it goes in real life 😂


More live work sessions:

Sometimes when I’m being lazy AF I post internally to KopywritingKourse that I’m doing work and sharing my screen. Because I know someone might be watching, I don’t goof off and instead do solid work.

I wanna do this publicly more often. I did it a few weeks ago (FB live seemed like easiest option), and when I’m back in Austin more often I’d like to start doing it more often.

It’s not really that exciting for anyone to watch (4 hours of me sitting there being silent), but it does help ME finish work that I otherwise would procrastinate.