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6th Street Downtown Austin Loft

For the past few months I’ve been renting out a room in a house of a friend. It’s in the same neighborhood my house is being built, about 5 miles from Downtown. It’s nice, quiet and I can get a lot of work done.

However nice and quiet no longer helps me get work done. When I was in college and needed to study for calculus, nice and quiet was good. Now I do a lot of creative design work and need loud, interesting and stimulating places to do work.

So for the next month I’m living in a 4,000 sq. ft. loft right on 6th Street, the epicenter of Downtown entertainment in Austin. I wrote about this area earlier. This loft is made for SEVEN people, however it’s only me and one other person living here.

Here is a photo I took directly off the roof of the place of 6th Street:

This loft is extremely spacious (4,000 sq. ft. is HUGE), and it has 20 ft. ceilings, and is located right above some of the busiest bars in Austin.

I’ve been living here for a little while, and while it’s definitely fun, there are some pros/cons:


  • I can walk everywhere I need to go, or take my scooter if it’s slightly further.
  • Tons of coffee shops, restaurants, bars and theaters right next door.
  • My gym is 4 blocks down.
  • High ceilings make the already large loft look larger and feel more spacious.
  • Location, location, location.
  • PERFECT for entertaining.
  • Rooftop access which offer awesome panoramic views of Downtown.
  • Puts me in an interesting and Central area, perfect for product photos.


  • No free parking for at least 12 square blocks except at night & weekends.
  • Homeless people all around during the daytime.
  • 6th Street isn’t the most attractive thing in the day time, its night time appeal is much larger.

I still have my other rented room, so this is like my ‘2nd home’ for the moment.

Since this is directly in the heart of Downtown, there are all sorts of sights and sounds all the time. I enjoy the noise and commotion that happens outside, so I often keep the doors to the place open. There’s a fire station across the street which creates the full Downtown effect with sirens going by every now and then.

This is definitely a place to throw a party since it’s very big and you can’t beat the location. Checkout some of these panoramic pictures I took on the rooftop. I’ve been wanting to try some panoramic photography so this was a good chance. These images are a compilation of about 13 photos each which I then stitched together using Photoshop.

Here are some inside views of the loft:

Here is a panormaic from inside the loft. This doesn’t properly show the scale of this place:

What the pictures don’t show are all of the rooms (7 total) which are all quite large themselves. The building we’re in takes up more than half a city block, and we take up the entire top floor.

I’ll be taking a lot of BodyMonkey photo shoots in this place, and hopefully the surrounding areas will provide for some interesting photo shoot locations. Speaking of Bodymonkey, I’ve got the logo animated and it will look something like this: