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May 2019 Goals

Here’s the goals for May 2019:

Still in New York for the whole month.

Goal #1.) 20,000/200


Goal # 2.) Email Month
On KK I’ll be doing a theme of email. It’ll be all email, all the time.


Goal # 3.) 2 Writing Days
One of my prerogatives in life is to write a bunch of dumb articles and content and put them out to the world. For years I’ve reserved Wednesdays as a “Writing Day” where I schedule no serious appointments (such as consults) so I can write and let my mind casually think without a deadline.

But now I only get one Writing Day :-(
Monday: Team calls.
Tuesday: Consulting call day.
Wednesday: Writing Day
Thursday: Consulting call day.
Friday: General work followed by distracting weekend activities.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love these consults and calls, but they lower my output of writing. SO I raised all the prices by 25% to discourage bookings, and only allow them to be scheduled on Tuesday now (I love how easy Calendly makes that)!

Also I help so many people in the Members Area everyday that it feels like I’m doing consulting every single day anyway.

So this month I have made Wednesday AND Thursday full Writing Days!

The reason I like Kopywriting Kourse as a business is because it feeds my need to write crap…..and I get to be completely ridiculous on it.

I’d be pretty happy if the rest of my life looks like: Get obsessed with a topic –> research and write about it for a week –> get completely sick of it after a week or two –> post the article –> be done with it –> move onto the next topic.


Goal # 4.) 1,600 Net Calories 
I’ve been pretty good about keeping calories in check and working out (the gym is on the same floor as me so there’s little excuse).