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Your “Investment” Account

As I’m doing this NevBox promotion, I got a small amount of people asking if I could sell more next month so they could buy it (when they got their paychecks).

Since I’ve already sent all the Malaysian-child-labor-slaves home after assembling the boxes, The answer is NO……but there was something more important about this question:

These people didn’t have $97 on-hand to improve the knowledge in their heads!

I’ve NEVEEERRR had this problem since I started making money…..not because I was super rich, but because I immediately created something called:

The Investment Account.

My “investment account” was simply a checking account I had with my bank (BankOfAmerica) where I would put 30% of all the money I made.

Yes, 30% of every shred of money that came my way….would go straight into this account.

Whenever it came time to make a purchase that would better myself in some way, I would use this “Investment Account” to pay for it.  

Since 30% of all my money went here, this account was always stocked with a decent amount of cash.

Any book, any internet course, any domain name, any newspaper/magazine subscription, app….or WHATEVER that would improve my life, would get paid for by this account.

And I wouldn’t nit-pick on how much something cost when paying with this account.

If something could possibly improve my life, I bought it immediately.  What better investment is there??

Things I’ve bought using my investment account:

  • Books, lots of them.
  • Tickets to conferences
  • Tuxedo to help crash parties
  • Internet courses such as KopywritingKourse
  • Newspaper subscriptions
  • Class clothes for classy events
  • A personal stylist
  • A Personal trainer
  • Accountability coach for business
  • Domain names
  • Software like Photoshop and Microsoft Word
  • Computer microphones, video cameras, video equipment
  • My MacBook Air and iMac computers

You can probably tell how all of these things either improve my life, improve my knowledge, or improve my effectiveness as a business person.


My brain is the most important tool in my shed, and anything to improve it can pay off massively.  So to have funds available for all these things……I have been thankful for the last 10+ years to have had “an investment account” to pay for it all without thinking.

Do YOU have an account like this?
Do YOU have some funds dedicated solely to the improvement of your brain?

Neville Medhora – A kopywriter with thousands of dollars to “make it rain, on my brain.”

FYI.  There are only 19 NevBox’s left this morning!  If you would like to grab one, I’d suggest you do it in the next few minutes.  The PayPal button will automatically stop working after the last one is sold.

The NevBox is almost dead

The NevBox is almost dead!!

There’s one-last batch of them we just finished, and many of them are sold already.  Look how pretty they all look :-)

See that picture of the boxes above?? More than a 1/3rd of those are already bought up and ready to ship as I type this, so grab NOW.

These will be sold out by Friday afternoon (4-26-2013) for sure, if not earlier.

This is a physical product that takes money, time, and lots of Malaysian child labor to build…..meaning I’m not making any more.

So I’m not bullshitting when I say THESE WILL BE GONE BY FRIDAY AFTERNOON (OR EARLIER)!!

A big “SOLD OUT” sign will replace the “PayPal Buy Button” on Friday when they are gone.  Since this is a last-call email, I can’t predict how fast they’ll go (they’ve been moving surprisingly fast already)….

So if you want one, please act fast and claim your NevBox right now!

Click the link below to buy:

Neville – A kopywriter in a nearly-sold-out box

P.S.  Every…single….damn….time…. we stop selling a product (either myself or on AppSumo), people alllwayyss say, “Hey I was late to buy, can I still get it please??”

For the NevBox’s, the answer is NO.  Please don’t be one of those people.

So order now, and your NevBox will be shipped out this Friday at 4:00pm CST!!


Worth slightly more to most

Guy gives me snide response to an email.
I personally unsubscribe him.
He asks for forgiveness.

There’s a lesson in this about your worth:

THIS….is a piece of paper:

THIS….is a piece of paper:


THIS….is a book. Which is a bunch of sheets of paper stacked together:


Holy shit….is your mind blown yet?!?

Well despite this very dull observation, several books have changed my life.

But have the ACTUAL sheets of paper changed my life?  Not really.

But the knowledge, wisdom, and ideas on those sheets of paper has.

The act of sitting down, holding something, writing all over it with a pen, stopping to take a moment and MENTALLY APPLY the lessons to your own life….THAT’S the life-changing part!

You might get my emails, and read them on your phone while taking a dump, but it’s NOTHING compared to printing them out…..holding them in your hand…..setting time aside to read them….scribbling notes on them etc……

You’d clearly remember the lessons in a much deeper sense, simply because the act of printing out the physical letters involves a lot more steps and interaction.

This is exactly why I created a box of physical stuff that comes to your doorstep and will teach you three important things….and it’s called The NevBox:

(that’s a pic of me holding 5 completed NevBox’s)!

An effective copywriter usually tries to get a maximum of three points across to the reader.  That’s because we tend to forget a list of more than three things (actually just explaining ONE main concept is best).

But the best way to insert these three hand-picked lessons into your brain….. is by sending you a PHYSICAL thing to read, along with some “add-on” items…. in order to permanently burn the lessons into your head.  That is my ONLY job as your teacher (I’m also Indian….so that might actually make me your “Guru”)??

I want you to:

FIRST.) Grab your own NevBox here for $97.

SECOND.) Wait in anticipation for it to come in the mail.  This will make you pay much closer attention.  Rip it open on arrival.  Notice what’s inside (it’s designed to make you curious and impatient).  Then start reading the first letter titled “Day 1”.  That’s all.

The NevBox will take care of teaching you the three important lessons I’ve picked out for you.

And unlike that 4 minute reading session on the toilet, this NevBox will scar these 3 important lessons in your brain forever.

Not only will this be fun and educational for you…..but after you’re done with it, you can keep the letters for future reference, or pass them onto a loved one with a thirst for knowledge.

There are some cheat-sheets and swipe-file materials in there you may want to hang onto (or even frame)!

With all that said, I would like to caution you that I’m only making 200 of these.  This is NOT a product I can sell online over-and-over, as there are hard costs involved here (hired labor + shipping materials + printing has already cost me over $4,500).

So once the 200 are gone….they’re actually gone-gone.

And if you order this Wednesday (April 24th) before 3:30pm CST, I’ll be able to ship your NevBox out today (earlier the better please)!

So please grab your NevBox now at this link….

…..and I’ll see you inside the box!
Neville Medhora – A 168 pound kopywriting guru that somehow fits in a box:

The NevBox

New project I’m working on, already having some success and selling:



Apologies for the extraordinarily lazy blog post.  Pretty much 90% of what I write now is delivered through email, so if you haven’t already done it, signup to my list:

How the F*#% do I make money?

Since I’ve never had a real job, people always ask me how I make money.

Here’s the answer on video:


(people have already said this was a SUPER inspiring video… set aside 15 minutes and watch it. Took me 3 days to edit this mofo)!!


Click the image to see the video, or here’s the direct YouTube link:


Hope this was informative or inspiring to you :)

The Magical Sugar Packet

You can listen to this post:
Or download the mp3 here.

Look at this sugar packet:

The Magical Sugar Packet

It’s really nothing special.  Its street resale value is probably under a penny.

You can probably sneak into the restaurant nearest to you, look the waitress square in the eye, put 20 of these in your pocket, and walk out.
She won’t even care.

THIS sugar packet is magical.
THIS sugar packet has meaning.
THIS sugar packet can change a life.

You see, I was at a restaurant with a friend, and scribbled something on this packet during a conversation about comfort zones.

I had a pen, but no paper.  So this sugar packet became my writing pad.

We were talking about where the interesting stuff in life comes from.

Where growth comes from.
It rarely comes from the “regular shit” we do 98% of the day.

It comes from the edge cases.
It comes from stretching the limits.
It comes from the absolute edges of what’s possible.

Imagine you’re flying in a plane.   You’re bored and your eyes start trying to sneak a peek what the guy on the laptop next to you is writing.  All of a sudden the plane JOLTS and starts shaking.

The turbulence picks up hard, the seatbelt light chimes on, the stewardesses actually rush to take their seats, and all of a sudden you start believing in God again.

Now let’s pause….and ask ourselves this question:
When they tested if this plane was safe to fly, how harsh did they make the test?

I mean, when you fly 98% of the time it’s smooth sailing.
So wouldn’t they stress-test the plane based on that?

I wouldn’t wanna fly on a plane that’s only tested in smooth weather!!

I want Boeing to rag the hell of their planes during testing.

I want them to leave one out in the desert, let it sit through hail storms, strip the paint of, let some rats hang out in the engines, simulate 20 years of wear and tear…..AND THEN put that fucker through the worst possible hurricane-like weather imaginable.

Only through these extreme conditions, does Boeing realize the strengths and weaknesses of their airplane…..and can then make it stronger.

Well I’m not an airplane.  And neither are you.
But our strengths, weaknesses, and limits…..are found through that small percentage of time when we are pushed out of our comfort zones.

It also happens to be where the growth is found.

Staying within a comfortable state without testing boundaries, breeds little growth.

All of these are pushed to grow through uncomfort.

If you’re not a little uncomfortable today.
You’re probably doing it wrong.

Oh…..and that sugar packet I was talking about?  Want to see the front?
Here it is.


The Fresh Prince teaches you marketing

::wipes away tears::

It’s true, I actually tear up when I watch this video clip from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air:

YouTube Link:
Length: 3min

This scene where Will Smith’s father abandons him, shows a REAALLLLLLYYYYYY IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE you must understand when talking to people.

Will justifies tons of reasons why it doesn’t matter his real father wasn’t around.
Logically, he shouldn’t give a damn that his father abandoned him once more.

But then at the 2minute 30second mark the real truth underlying alllll that logical shit comes out:

“How come he don’t want me man???”

Did you see what happened there?

No matter how much logic…
No matter how much success…
No matter how much convincing….
…his real pain comes from that little child inside asking, “Where’s my daddy!?

So let’s play a quick game based on this:
If Will Smith’s character was real, and you saw him passing you on the street.  What’s ONE small sentence you could say that would make him instantly turn around and pay attention to you??
All we need to do is look at that video one more time, and wait for the “AH HA!” moment at 2min and 30 seconds.  
So if you said:
“I know why your dad walked out on you…..”
“Your dad left you because…..”
One.) You’d be a total jackass for playing on his deep insecurities.
Two.) You’d get the Fresh Prince to stop in his tracks…..because what you said strikes a deep pang in his heart.  
Think about this when talking to people in your life, or customers of your business. 
What is their real concern?
What is their real problem?
Are they B.S.’ing around the real problem?

I just taught you a marketing lesson based on The Fresh Prince.
I think we can all agree I am now the master of all marketing.
You may now bow down at my feet.
Neville Medhora

April 2013 Goals

New month, new goals!

Here’s mine for April 2013:

April 2013 Goals


Brief explanation of each:


1.) NevBox out:
From my Neville Letters experience I learned that a lot of people subscribing were at varying levels of life and business….and something that was worth $1,000 to one person, was worth maybe $40 to another.

But I still want to send out a physical box of stuff for anyone trying to learn copywriting better (even small improvements in your writing can result in ridiculous improvements in your business life….so it’s a pretty damn great deal).

I’ll be making about 200 of these letters (actually it’ll be a physical box with several letters),  and sending them out this month.

Dammit… my new apartment is gonna be covered in packing material :-/


2.) Make $ Vid on
My latest video is one on how exactly I make money.  This is a common question I get from family and friends…..and even after I explain it, they have NO CLUE what the hell I actually do.

When I show people through a computer how everything works, they totally get it.  So for this reason I’m putting together a vid explaining it all (mainly so I can just say “uuhhhh…..just watch this YouTube video” when people ask what I do)  ;-)


3.) Kopy switch  
I’ve got 11 digital products out now….all of varying subjects.  They’re getting too damn un-related to each other.  So I’m making a shift based on a simple formula:

Does it relate to kopywriting? (If = no) = (“don’t do it”).  

So those are my April 2013 goals.
… yours yet??