Your “Investment” Account

As I’m doing this NevBox promotion, I got a small amount of people asking if I could sell more next month so they could buy it (when they got their paychecks).

Since I’ve already sent all the Malaysian-child-labor-slaves home after assembling the boxes, The answer is NO……but there was something more important about this question:

These people didn’t have $97 on-hand to improve the knowledge in their heads!

I’ve NEVEEERRR had this problem since I started making money…..not because I was super rich, but because I immediately created something called:

The Investment Account.

My “investment account” was simply a checking account I had with my bank (BankOfAmerica) where I would put 30% of all the money I made.

Yes, 30% of every shred of money that came my way….would go straight into this account.

Whenever it came time to make a purchase that would better myself in some way, I would use this “Investment Account” to pay for it.  

Since 30% of all my money went here, this account was always stocked with a decent amount of cash.

Any book, any internet course, any domain name, any newspaper/magazine subscription, app….or WHATEVER that would improve my life, would get paid for by this account.

And I wouldn’t nit-pick on how much something cost when paying with this account.

If something could possibly improve my life, I bought it immediately.  What better investment is there??

Things I’ve bought using my investment account:

  • Books, lots of them.
  • Tickets to conferences
  • Tuxedo to help crash parties
  • Internet courses such as KopywritingKourse
  • Newspaper subscriptions
  • Class clothes for classy events
  • A personal stylist
  • A Personal trainer
  • Accountability coach for business
  • Domain names
  • Software like Photoshop and Microsoft Word
  • Computer microphones, video cameras, video equipment
  • My MacBook Air and iMac computers

You can probably tell how all of these things either improve my life, improve my knowledge, or improve my effectiveness as a business person.


My brain is the most important tool in my shed, and anything to improve it can pay off massively.  So to have funds available for all these things……I have been thankful for the last 10+ years to have had “an investment account” to pay for it all without thinking.

Do YOU have an account like this?
Do YOU have some funds dedicated solely to the improvement of your brain?

Neville Medhora – A kopywriter with thousands of dollars to “make it rain, on my brain.”

FYI.  There are only 19 NevBox’s left this morning!  If you would like to grab one, I’d suggest you do it in the next few minutes.  The PayPal button will automatically stop working after the last one is sold.