The NevBox is almost dead

The NevBox is almost dead!!

There’s one-last batch of them we just finished, and many of them are sold already.  Look how pretty they all look :-)

See that picture of the boxes above?? More than a 1/3rd of those are already bought up and ready to ship as I type this, so grab NOW.

These will be sold out by Friday afternoon (4-26-2013) for sure, if not earlier.

This is a physical product that takes money, time, and lots of Malaysian child labor to build…..meaning I’m not making any more.

So I’m not bullshitting when I say THESE WILL BE GONE BY FRIDAY AFTERNOON (OR EARLIER)!!

A big “SOLD OUT” sign will replace the “PayPal Buy Button” on Friday when they are gone.  Since this is a last-call email, I can’t predict how fast they’ll go (they’ve been moving surprisingly fast already)….

So if you want one, please act fast and claim your NevBox right now!

Click the link below to buy:

Neville – A kopywriter in a nearly-sold-out box

P.S.  Every…single….damn….time…. we stop selling a product (either myself or on AppSumo), people alllwayyss say, “Hey I was late to buy, can I still get it please??”

For the NevBox’s, the answer is NO.  Please don’t be one of those people.

So order now, and your NevBox will be shipped out this Friday at 4:00pm CST!!