THIS….is a piece of paper:

THIS….is a piece of paper:


THIS….is a book. Which is a bunch of sheets of paper stacked together:


Holy shit….is your mind blown yet?!?

Well despite this very dull observation, several books have changed my life.

But have the ACTUAL sheets of paper changed my life?  Not really.

But the knowledge, wisdom, and ideas on those sheets of paper has.

The act of sitting down, holding something, writing all over it with a pen, stopping to take a moment and MENTALLY APPLY the lessons to your own life….THAT’S the life-changing part!

You might get my emails, and read them on your phone while taking a dump, but it’s NOTHING compared to printing them out…..holding them in your hand…..setting time aside to read them….scribbling notes on them etc……

You’d clearly remember the lessons in a much deeper sense, simply because the act of printing out the physical letters involves a lot more steps and interaction.

This is exactly why I created a box of physical stuff that comes to your doorstep and will teach you three important things….and it’s called The NevBox:

(that’s a pic of me holding 5 completed NevBox’s)!

An effective copywriter usually tries to get a maximum of three points across to the reader.  That’s because we tend to forget a list of more than three things (actually just explaining ONE main concept is best).

But the best way to insert these three hand-picked lessons into your brain….. is by sending you a PHYSICAL thing to read, along with some “add-on” items…. in order to permanently burn the lessons into your head.  That is my ONLY job as your teacher (I’m also Indian….so that might actually make me your “Guru”)??

I want you to:

FIRST.) Grab your own NevBox here for $97.

SECOND.) Wait in anticipation for it to come in the mail.  This will make you pay much closer attention.  Rip it open on arrival.  Notice what’s inside (it’s designed to make you curious and impatient).  Then start reading the first letter titled “Day 1”.  That’s all.

The NevBox will take care of teaching you the three important lessons I’ve picked out for you.

And unlike that 4 minute reading session on the toilet, this NevBox will scar these 3 important lessons in your brain forever.

Not only will this be fun and educational for you…..but after you’re done with it, you can keep the letters for future reference, or pass them onto a loved one with a thirst for knowledge.

There are some cheat-sheets and swipe-file materials in there you may want to hang onto (or even frame)!

With all that said, I would like to caution you that I’m only making 200 of these.  This is NOT a product I can sell online over-and-over, as there are hard costs involved here (hired labor + shipping materials + printing has already cost me over $4,500).

So once the 200 are gone….they’re actually gone-gone.

And if you order this Wednesday (April 24th) before 3:30pm CST, I’ll be able to ship your NevBox out today (earlier the better please)!

So please grab your NevBox now at this link….

…..and I’ll see you inside the box!
Neville Medhora – A 168 pound kopywriting guru that somehow fits in a box: