May Ripped Month

On the May 2011 Goals I wrote “MBT Ripped Month”.

This means I’ve joined MyBodyTutor again for a one month “Re-fresher”.

In 2010 I did a Six-Pack Experiment where I tried to get six-pack abs in a month (it ended up taking more like 5 weeks).  I’ve pretty much maintained that physique for the most part until 2 months ago.

Two months ago I tried GAINING weight, and would eat about 3,500 to 4,000 calories per day.  That’s actually A LOT considering I eat mainly healthier foods.  It was actually quite a bitch to eat that much every day.

However two months of eating like that put a liiiitttlle more “chub” on me.  I’m still not fat by any measure, but I’d like a re-fresher for summer.

So over the next month I’ll be in extreme-healthy mode and be tracking everything I eat on this ghetto chart I made:

You can already see the first few days have been tracked meal-by-meal.  I’ve been writing the total number of calories consumed per day, then the net calories (total calories – calories burned working out).

Simply by looking at this chart at the end of May I will be able to tell if I lost or gained weight….did you know 3,500 calories = 1 pound?

This re-fresher is not about weight, it’s about looks.  Now to track visual progress I need a reference point.  So that point was today (forgot to take pics on May 1st).

Without further ado, here’s more of what this blog needs…MORE HALF-NAKED PICTURES OF NEVILLE!

From the side I look ok.  This picture was actually taken after 3 full dayrs of extremely healthy and low-cal eating plus right after a workout PLUS I forgot to eat in the morning. …so it probably is slightly better than a few days ago.

I also made a .gif image to show the sucking-in effect on my abs….this picture kind of freaks me out and makes me laugh!

As you can see the six-pack isn’t showing up AS MUCH from the front view.  This will hopefully change over May mainly because of a better food intake and partially because of exercise, and a great help from MBT!