December 2013 Goals

Dammit I hate posting these so late in the month, but here-goes my December 2013 goals:

December 2013 Goals

1st I’m porting the copywriting courses to MemberMouse.  Existing members won’t notice a thing, but moving forward I’ll be able to do cooler stuff with a proper membership system rather than my current method of using Frontpage 2003.  (Wow, I still use a TEN year old piece of software for my webpages).


Next I’ve been dying to send out another NevBox because people loved them so much, but I didn’t wanna just do ANOTHER one on copywriting (at least not right away because at the time I felt I couldn’t live up to the same value the first one provided).

This particular one is going to be called the “Life Changer” NevBox.  I’m really excited about it because the change it should have on a person will be immense.

I was at odds with this at first, because the best customers (from a strictly business perspective) are people will a lot of money.  However I think THIS particular product would have the GREATEST net-effect on people without a lot of money.

I still felt strongly about doing it, so I’m continuing despite the possible economic risk.

Just got back from Cancun for an Indian beach wedding, that was my only hope for a warm winter.  Hope you’re staying warm too!

Blog posted on: December 14, 2013

8 comments on “December 2013 Goals

  1. Tyler

    Nev- I have heard some great things about member mouse. What made you choose that over some of the other options out there? Just curious because I also want to launch a new membership site and am looking at different options. I like member mouse specifically because they actually frequently update and are involved.

    Boxes look awesome man. I may be doing a little better at avoiding the winter this year. I’m in Medellin, Colombia right now )


  2. Joe Salinas

    Hey Neville – Would you PLEASE offer the content from the original NevBox as well, I’d buy them together as a bundle if you were to offer it!

    Rock on brother,

  3. Laura G

    yeah I’d be interested in your first NevBox too, just learning about you and sounds really interesting, the link to shop for the Nevbox is still live, are you still selling it?

  4. Recholes

    Looks like a package deal might be a great promo… Buy Nevbox 2 get Nevbox 1 for free would create good pull for the life change kit. I would love to work with you on some graphics and packaging on the project

  5. Rick

    Hey Nev,

    I see an option to purchase a Nevbox in the link on this blog post. Will I actually receive one if I purchase the box or will I just be on the waiting list for the next time you sell one?

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