A masterful piece of storytelling

One of the most masterful pieces of storytelling I’ve ever seen came from randomly wasting time on YouTube.

…as a Kopywriter I keep note of good stuff like this.

It was around the time Britney Spears was going through some wild times with drugs, alcohol and just appearing insane in the media.

Craig Ferguson (the talk show host) came to her defense and told his own story about being an alcoholic.

He tells an intensely serious story….mixed with just the right balance of humor.

Notice he’s telling a story about how we was trying to kill himself…..yet it’s still humorous!
Not all of it. But some.

He still gets a tear-jerking response out of the speech without being a bummer…or a stogy old coot. Just a real dude.

Real stories are sometimes serious, and sometimes funny.
Sometimes the two blend perfectly like this:


Blog posted on: November 12, 2012

4 comments on “A masterful piece of storytelling

  1. Chris Altamirano

    Such an awesome piece of story telling. It’s like he was almost saddened to talk about his own life but was willing to make fun of his-self at the same time.

    The whole time he spoke I got excited about the things I could use on my own blog. Epic share Nev.

    Oh and I saw that post you did with the water bottle experiment. Haha that was soo sick.

    Cheers Nev


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