Name: Neville Medhora

Age: 31

Location: Austin, TX.

Ethnicity: Indian, Parsi Zoroastrian

Occupation: Entrepreneur.  NevBlog.com.  HouseOfRave.com.  AppSumo.com. KopywritingKourse.com.  Kopy.tv

High School: Langham Creek High School (Houston, TX.)

University :
University of Texas Austin, graduated in 2006 in Political Science with Business minor.

Instruments Played: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Doumbek, Piano, drums. A little bit of harmonica. Not great at any of them, but if it makes noise it easily amuses me.

Idolize: People who are self-made. People who make the world better.  People who advance the future of our species.


Why this el blog-o? 


What do I do?
How about I explain it with a quick video?

This blog was originally started for the sole purpose of keeping a track of my financial goals and status. I often use this blog to look back on what I was doing at (x) time this year, so I try to keep it populated with financial events in my life. Occasionally I try to help people learn something new.

Here’s a quick story of how I got started in entrepreneurship.

After reading my blog, many people have personally told me:

  • This blog was their inspiration to start their very first business and quit their job (because of this).
  • They started eating better and lost weight (because of this).
  • They think I’m awesome (for actually TRYING things instead of just talking about them like this and this).
  • They think I’m horrible (because of things like this).
  • Think I have too much time on my hands (because of stuff like this).


Follow me on Twitter: @NevMed
Watch my vids: Kopy.tv
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Blog posted on: February 25, 2010

7 comments on “About

  1. Keenyn

    Have been following your blog for quite some time and you are a great motivation. Love all the content you post! I hope you be as successful as you one day, and I plan on getting there!

  2. Alex

    Hey Nev,

    I’ve been enjoying your site ever since 2005. It is really cool to see how you’ve evolved over the years. You really inspired me to start an online business and to get into copywriting.

    I’ve just added your site to one of my main pages, Kick-Ass Sites:


    Keep up the good work!

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