April 2013 Goals

New month, new goals!

Here’s mine for April 2013:

April 2013 Goals


Brief explanation of each:


1.) NevBox out:
From my Neville Letters experience I learned that a lot of people subscribing were at varying levels of life and business….and something that was worth $1,000 to one person, was worth maybe $40 to another.

But I still want to send out a physical box of stuff for anyone trying to learn copywriting better (even small improvements in your writing can result in ridiculous improvements in your business life….so it’s a pretty damn great deal).

I’ll be making about 200 of these letters (actually it’ll be a physical box with several letters),  and sending them out this month.

Dammit…..now my new apartment is gonna be covered in packing material :-/


2.) Make $ Vid on Kopy.tv
My latest kopy.tv video is one on how exactly I make money.  This is a common question I get from family and friends…..and even after I explain it, they have NO CLUE what the hell I actually do.

When I show people through a computer how everything works, they totally get it.  So for this reason I’m putting together a vid explaining it all (mainly so I can just say “uuhhhh…..just watch this YouTube video” when people ask what I do)  ;-)


3.) Kopy switch  
I’ve got 11 digital products out now….all of varying subjects.  They’re getting too damn un-related to each other.  So I’m making a shift based on a simple formula:

Does it relate to kopywriting? (If = no) = (“don’t do it”).  

So those are my April 2013 goals.
…..got yours yet??


Blog posted on: April 1, 2013

4 comments on “April 2013 Goals

    1. Neville Post author

      Thanks Nate!

      Still editing the make money vid……I want to show people that for some time to come, so it’s taking a little more love & care than expected!

  1. Marco

    Neville, why are you focusing on copywriting?
    I would love from younmore training on “how to build a muse”: nobody is teaching it, but copywriter courses are pretty common.

  2. YogiZoli

    Hi Neville, I liked your email.

    I recommend you this trick, made amazing results in my life!

    I’m sure you already meet the idea of visualizing your goals as achieved.

    Here is the new Yogi-way of achieving it my indian friend:

    Make your goals inevitable!

    You know what to ACT on in daily to achieve it, right?

    Promise this: you gimme 1 hour free interview UNLESS you do it every single day!

    Or you send 1.000$ to your grandma. Whatever is more scary.

    The point is: make the acts which lead to your goals inevitable!

    This is a HUGE one! Causes flawless confidence about achieving ANY goals!

    Try it!


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