Blog posted on: August 1, 2013

10 comments on “Aug 2013 – Day 1

  1. Dividendium

    Hey gia, sounds like you have a strong opinion there. Just wanted to offer a counter one…

    Neville has helped me multiple times, both through his blog, and through email. I’ve met him in person before too. I can’t say he was an asshole…or pathetic…or a bitch.

    As far as the NevBox, I haven’t purchased one myself yet, but most things can be found with a “simple google search”.

    The value is in curating out the specific drops in the ocean of information that are worth taking the time to understand and act on.

    Presentation is also valuable. If important and helpful information is presented in an incomprehensible or uninteresting manner, then you won’t learn it, and you’ll have missed out on the learning, and wasted the time spent.

    In the other products of Neville’s that I have bought, he does an excellent job on interesting presentation and curating the essential useful information.

      1. Dividendium

        Totally understandable. What did you think was scammy about the nevbox? What were you expecting that wasn’t there?

        My favorite by far is the Kopywriting Kourse. But again, most of the information is something you can google and find. It’s the presentation, and the curating that make it memorable and interesting. The “monkey tail” comes to mind, and the “secret” of AIDA. I’ve also used the video where he writes an ad as a model for writing ads.

    1. Dividendium

      Exactly the point I’m (ineptly) trying to make!

      I put “secret” in quotes because it’s not a secret…it’s free on google.

      I have read the Boron letters…all of them. They’re not short. They’re not curated. Buried some where in there is AIDA…but I don’t remember it from there. I remember it from the presentation in the Kopywriting Kourse.

      That’s the value that I paid for…curated and memorably presented.

  2. Sam Serv

    Hey Nev – nice video! I always learn something helpful when I stop by your blog.
    I use a similar system (well, at least the pen and legal pad part) and but I’m going to incorporate your side bar and daily summary. Guess it creates accountability.
    Have also been using the pomodoro technique not to get distracted. Works well.
    BTW, do you only use paper calendars – no online version?

  3. JustMe


    How do you:

    1. know how many “to-do” items to schedule each day?
    2. know if you chunked-down each “to-do” item enough to prevent procrastination?

  4. Neville Post author

    You never bought it (I can see your IP from India, and I didn’t send any to India).

    You always comment on every one of my posts. You must have a crush on me.


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