Blogger’s Almost Dead (To Me)

Google officially announced it will be cancelling FTP support for all of Blogger.

You can read about it here.
This blog was started roughly 5 years ago and Blogger seemed to be the easiest blog platform to use at the time (and still is for most users).
However I use a custom-domain version of Blogger where it publishes files on MY server, not Blogger’s….this of course causes much engineering difficulty for them, so they’re pulling the plug.
Kind of sucks, but I completely understand their logic. 0.5% of people on Blogger use FTP support, but it probably drains 25% or more of their engineering resources. That’s just bad business.
Anyhow, this blog has to move somewhere. I could easily pop this whole blog onto Blogger (which offers a lot of very easy to use tools), I can even still use my own domain name…but Blogger isn’t very customizable as open-source platforms.
I asked myself, “If I was going to start this blog TODAY, what platform would I use?”
…the obvious answer is WordPress, so I will use that.

I already use WordPress for all business related blogs because it’s MUCH faster, extremely customizable and has a MASSIVE library of free templates and widgets. I can’t program very well, so customizing templates myself is a wee bit harder than Blogger, but something I’ve in the past been able to do (or pay someone to do).
I’ve many times considered crossing this blog over to WordPress but there wasn’t a real need….so this is actually a fortunate nudge in the right direction!
So pretty soon this blog will cross the blogging platform see to the WordPress side. What do you think Adam?

Blog posted on: February 2, 2010

9 comments on “Blogger’s Almost Dead (To Me)

  1. Adam McFarland

    Good move Nev!

    When I did the same thing a few years back, I made the move the lazy way. I was moving domains too, so I just FTP’d it to my new domain in the /archive directory and called that my archive, then started from scratch with WordPress and put a link in the sidebar to the archive. I then 301 redirected all the links from the old blog over to the new one.

    At the time, the Blogger-to-Wordpress import didn’t work too well, but it seems like it works good now I’d just double check to make sure your URLs don’t change, or if they do they’re 301 redirected to the new location. Not sure how relevant these are to the latest versions, but they seem helpful &

    Keep us posted on how it goes!


  2. Oke

    If you are willing to learn and want something where you don’t have to know any coding, you can get headway. That is what I’m getting in a couple of months. You don’t need a web designer to do the things you want to do and will actually pay for itself in the long run.

  3. Neville

    Back in the day I tried the Blogger-to-Wordpress tool and it was horrible. About 2 months ago I tried it again and it was FANTASTIC. Content was all in tact and even comments imported flawlessly, so hopefully this move shouldn’t be too disruptive.

    That Headway Themes thing looks pretty cool…I might actually give it a try, thanks for the heads up!

  4. Staffroth

    i simply use tumblr and have my own “owned” domain direct transfer to it. i dont know if it’s any help to you but it’s definitely has made things easy for me. i dont know what the downfalls are to having tumblr own my stuff instead of having it saved under my servers.

    but if you want to know what i’m talking about, just check out


  5. Brand Police

    I completely agree, Blogger is pretty much dead as far as I’m concerned and your statement about personal bloggers only is very true. A good analogy is to compare it to MySpace – a service which I would defiantly consider to be “dead” despite still having probably millions of users.

    It’s quite amazing how far WordPress has gone ahead of the game – it seems only u couple years ago I was deciding if I should be using WordPress or TypePad or Blogger to create a blog for a client – now it’s a no brainer.

    Worth noting though, is that WordPress “out of the box” isn’t perfect for SEO, although this is easy to fix. I’ve posted an article on this if anyone is interested (hope you don’t mind me dropping a link) SEO for WordPress



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