Car Broken Into – New Account

Since I bought my Lexus last year I haven’t had a single problem with it. It was due time something happened, but it wasn’t Lexus’ fault.

Someone decided to break into my car.

Passenger side quarter-window

Glass slipping into every crevice. You can see police fingerprinting dust on the seat.

Cops found a decent fingerprint on the door…unlikely it will lead to anything though.

I always keep my cars absolutely devoid of anything visible in the cabin, so they didn’t have anything to take. The Lexus dealership is charging me $209 for the parts and labor….which actually isn’t a bad price, however I quickly realized something: Where will this money come from?

I’ve got the money to cover it, but here’s the breakdown of my regularly used accounts (sans the savings and stock accounts):

  • General Account - $1,000 balanced debit card. Money goes in and out from this account, but the balance always remains constant and isn’t spent.
  • Bills Account - Pay rent, gas, groceries and other everyday bills.
  • Spending Account 1 - Money for going out.
  • Spending Account 2 - For trips & holidays.
  • House Account - Money for buying house.
  • Investment Account - Used for anything that helps me make money. Usually keep roughly $6k in here.
  • Permanent Savings - Accumulate money here to later put in various savings accounts.

If I have to get routine maintenance on the car like an oil change, tire rotation etc. I send it to the “Bills Account” but this charge doesn’t justify coming from there.

What I need to do is open an unexpected situation account. I’m going to nickname it the “Oh Sh!t Account.”

As I get older and have more stuff/responsibilities I have a feeling this account will prove to be pretty useful. This account will slowly accumulate money month after month that can be used for any of those unexpected things life throws…in this case, a brick!

Blog posted on: March 25, 2008

11 comments on “Car Broken Into – New Account

  1. Kevin H

    Ouch! That doesn’t look good. Hard to believe someone would just smash a window like that.

    Anyways, great blog! Always a pleasure reading what you are up to.


  2. Neville

    Nothing was actually stolen…I think a barking dog actually scared whoever away.

    They never got a chance to unlock the door (or else the alarm would have starting blaring).

    I also never keep anything valuable in my car, so they wouldn’t have got much anyhow.

    However since I started driving at 17 I’ve never had any break ins, and this was pretty minor, so I got off lucky!

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve had my car broken into for no reason as well. It was in a parking lot and someone decided it was a good idea to smash the passenger’s side window on every car they could and take whatever wasn’t nailed/screwed/glued down. They took my radio and my title and insurance info. The police said that some people use that info to create fake vehicle titles and insurance docs. Insurance covered me though except for the deductable ($250 at the time).

  4. the captain

    The “Oh Sh!t” account is a good idea. You will be amazed at how often it is needed.
    Life just happily decides to throw bricks at you every now and then.

  5. Michael

    I’m 19 and i’ve stuck with the $1000 emergency account (dave ramsey style) for several years now, and you’d never believe how useful that comes in sometimes :D

  6. Chicago

    My car gets broken into twice a year here. For no reason.
    If I were to ever suggest a cop dust for finger prints I honestly think they would laugh in my face.
    Someone tried to mug me a month ago right outside my apartment. I yelled (not fought) the guy off after a 20 second tug-a-war with my purse and the cops made 4 typos in my police report.
    Austion – 1, Chicago – 0, State Farm Insurance – 50 for replacing the glass every time.


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