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Crazy Money Making IDEAS

I am taking some time to just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather in Austin right now before the weekend starts up, and then school. Didn’t do much but read today, so I’ll just post some crazy money making ideas:

1.) Helicopter Rentals.

I got this idea from New York and the insane traffic. I figured a helicopter charter service that picks you up and takes you directly into the city would be profitable. I wanted to rent a helicopter to pick me and friends up from New Jersey and drop us in New York for a New Year’s party, but all I found was helicopter sight-seeing tours.

2.) Handrail Advertising.

I was posting some flyers when I got this idea, then fashioned a crude device to make it work. A week later I found had taken the idea to the next level. I contacted the company to get my hands on their handrail printing machine, but they were only interested in large, establsihed advertising companies. I still think this is a great opportunity, as it is not being done in the United States…yet. When I spoke to MedialRails, they told me they would hit U.S. shores in mid-2005.

At any one time I have a million ideas written down, those are just two. Feel free to comment on them, I’d love to hear improvements, devil’s advocate agruments or any comments!

Longterm Investment Idea – GE

I generally don’t like large-cap stocks, but with my new long-term portfolio in the creation I am taking a peak. Look at the 10 year chart for General Electric (GE) and it’s steady growth over the last two years.

After a major correction, I believe GE will continue to follow its regular growth path…and let’s not forget about the dividend. Tell me what you think.

First Post

This blog will be dedicated to tracking my financial progress. Today I turn 22, let’s see how far I can financially advance by the time I am 23.