Cool ass trick to find people talking about your niche

Cool ass tip I just learned for finding people ACTIVELY talking about your niche/product/whatev:

1.) Google a word or subject. Like “wantrepreneur”.
2.) Under “More” in Google search bar, select “Discussions”.
3.) Under “search tools” select “past 24 hours”.

BAM. List of everyone talking about wantrepreneurs in last 24 hours.

You can chime into these discussions, see what they’re saying, use their language for your marketing, get ideas.  Whatever.

Use away.

P.S.  Share or “like” this with friends or colleagues.  Extremely powerful research tool.

Blog posted on: October 28, 2013

15 comments on “Cool ass trick to find people talking about your niche

  1. Pehr

    Genius. There’s so many ways this is going to help me out. First, gives you a much more indepth look at your keyword research because its not just what are people searching, but what are they saying about what they’re searching? Second, helps you to create your “bob” or ideal customer profile because its like, well what do the people who search for this stuff say about it? or where do they go online to say it? etc etc… Thanks Neville!

    1. Neville Post author

      Glad you liked Pehr!

      I thought it was pretty damn helpful too. If you JUST type in your keywords, all you’ll get it posts from long ago. It’s helpful to see what people have JUST been talking about.

  2. J

    You guys don’t forget you can use Google Alerts also. Just put in any relevant keywords in regards to your niche and it will alert you whenever someone is talking about what you’re into.

  3. Brent

    This is a great little trick to find relevant and recent niche-related discussions. I’ve already used it to find and engage with other people in my circle on relevant topics rather than topics from days gone by. Thanks!


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