Blog posted on: January 26, 2012

6 comments on “Course course course course

  1. David

    I was just watching this video and thought the idea of taking a course in english and redoing it in another language was great. Like your example about the russain worppress dude. I’m pretty technical (IT sys admin by trade and learning software development) and my girlfriend speaks mandarin and english fluently. So the thought of recreating some technical content in Mandarin is pretty appealing. My big question is if it’s legal. How much needs to change for us not to run into copy write laws. I would create brand new video and do all the screen shots using my own workstation as a base.

    Do you think we could use the same content though? Like could we take Zed Shaw’s “Learn Python the hard way” and read it in Mandarin and follow the examples on my workstation while recording? Kinda sounds like we’d have to change it a lot more, huh?


    1. Neville

      I mean don’t copy the dude word for word….make it your own.

      Do it in your own style.

      Record it yourself.

      Just use the SUBJECT of the course to copy. Not every little detail!


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