Curb Painting Part 2

(See Curb Painting Part 1 if you haven’t already)….

…$15!  Checkout the screenshot of the self-checkout line I went through:

The stencils I bought were the bendable cardboard kind, which are good for when the curb you’re painting is curved.  However I wanted the inter-locking brass stencils for flat curbs.  I also wanted these because they inter-lock and stay in place, rather than having to tape each number together (see how they snap together?):

Next I tried a practice run on some more newspaper using the new materials I bought and the new brass stencils.  It came out pretty descent:

If the police, fire department or ambulance service was looking for this house at night, it’d be VERY hard to see this address label.  So next, I wanted to prove how much better a raggedy old curb address looks when painted over. I purposely used a smaller border to show this was the same curb, just painted over it for dramatic effect:

Look at the difference!  You can still see the original outline I left as a comparison.  THIS is why people will buy this service.  Over the years I’ve also refined some secret tricks I use to sell more.  I’ve also learned what NOT to do that will leave you struggling to find jobs.

To see the video I made about this (and where I pretty much hold someone’s hand step-by-step to show them how to do this), enter your name and email below:

Blog posted on: June 23, 2006

24 comments on “Curb Painting Part 2

  1. Reid

    Thanks for all the info and help you given me on this nev. My first day I made $90 but only worked like two hours. The next day I made about $200 and I’m still getting the hang of this.
    Thanks again for making me not work at McDonald’s!

  2. Nidu

    I’m with Reid, thanks for your help Nev getting me setup. The members area was really helpful.

    I watched and read the whole thing in about 2 hours. I was so excited to try it the next day I couldn’t sleep :P

  3. givejonadollar

    It is a great idea, and I didn’t watch the video, but you always have to watch out for those pesky local regulators called “government”.

    But, then again, if you call first, you are just giving them ideas to extract more money from you.

    So, heck, I would just do it. :)

  4. Paul

    Another neat idea to add on to this is to get a stencil with logos from some local universities as well as the official colors.

    I often see curbside numbers with school colors and logos. This is a great upsell: “$30 for black and white, or $40 for school colors”

  5. Sam

    Hey, thanks for the guide, I have one question though. How did you prevent drips from going under the stencils? Thanks!

  6. Austin Rei

    I did this with my boyfriend for a few months (he’s been doing this for over 20 years) oh and he’s now my ex boyfriend…so….I also got fired lol But it was a lot of fun while it lasted!! I’m waiting for someone to come up with some girly, gypsy flower designs! Enough with the sports logo’s JK!! Definitely give it a try, I had a blast

  7. tell me somtin good

    Nev, can you give the folks a new idea? WTF? This has been around forever! Anyone can post up blog about existing businesses, how about coming up with your own idea for something to make money, and then share it? In your copy-cat world though, you certainly need to make aware to your readers that if these folks are seen painting these addresses without the proper permits and or not bonded, they can be arrested ON THE SPOT and go to jail!! As with ALL businesses you are also required to file with the state for tax purposes and by law are required to pay taxes on the income, which by the way you have now given the perfect venue here for that salivating IRS agent to get his promotion! BEWARE folks, you have to be legal eagle now in most ALL cities to do this work!! And there are additional permits in most for distribution of fliers door to door. In addition to the required permits and license on the local level, most cities are now requiring you be bonded in the amount of a million scammolies!! So folks, don’t go out there unknowing, possibly to find yourself the recipient of some shiny bracelets and a do-not-pass-go do-not-collect-$200 day!!

    1. charles

      I’ve been doing this type of work for more years than I would like to think, and yes you are right about the permits, but what your not right about is the cheap ways you guys try to do it, where my numbers last years, as well as being highly visible, the others spend very little and would be lucky if there numbers lasted a year. We have been doing this for years like we are the pioneers for this service, so stop ruining this for professionals, and try doing something that you put your heart into and stop going for the quick buck.

    2. some_people

      you’re such a daisy-downer get out from under that bridge you grumpy old troll some people including dale below really should try to GROW UP!!!!!!!!!instead of criticizing a perfectly good way to make money for the people who need it

  8. Steph

    For anyone reading this, its best that you tape a border around it (dont make one out of card board because all curbs are different sizes) and then spray the white paint.
    After that wait for it to dry.
    In the mean time, tape the stencils together. Use bigger tape on the outside and use 1inch tape for the cracks in between.
    Then put the stencils that are taped on the curb. Make sure its even. Then spray about a good 5-8 inches away from the curb. that will prevent it from over spray. Spray left to right (or vise versa) towards the top of the stencils then the bottom half. After that spray the areas that you missed. Short sprays work the best,

    I hope this helped!


  9. Wayne D.

    This is great. I live in a really large population college town in Texas. I wonder if putting a craigslist post will work.???

  10. Dale

    Hi there Neville! Thanks for this information you have provided the public on all your income producing services that you do not pay taxes on. I think I will cash in with the IRS and local municipalities by providing your name along with all these others, so I will get the rewards they pay for information leading to the arrest and conviction of tax evaders. Im sure you being the financial wizard and all, that you have an epic attorney and accountant on your payroll.

    1. Idaho Smiles

      Dale and Tellmesomtingood… what a bunch of complete asses you people are.
      The information provided is great information and I will be using it to support myself until something better comes along. Your hate because other people are successful and you people are not. Its time to grow up. Worry about your own miserable existence and leave others alone. Nev – Thanks for taking the time to do what you do.

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