Do your damn work

I wasted many-a-day postponing answering to every comment in this post, so finally I just recorded it the whole time.

This is about 4 hours of time condensed into a 1 minute.

Whilst answering the comments I researched random stuff, goofed off a bit (you can see I watch a YouTube video or two towards the end), and trudged through writing comments and emails.

When people say, “MAN I wish I could do what you do and work from wherever and still make money!!!!!” …..they don’t see the more boring side of it.

Blog posted on: January 18, 2014

12 comments on “Do your damn work

  1. Fey

    Spotted at 0:45 – Neville googling cute chicks :D
    Spotted at 0:56 – Neville doing some business validation (what did you do after finishing that one page? Put it up somewhere?)
    Spotted at 1:16 – Neville watching two people dance

    1. Neville


      1.) That was someone’s website who commented on the post

      2.) yes, I came up with an idea while responding to people, and wrote out the copy for a page I’ll put up later.

      3.) I clicked a link of some couple dancing who won an award for some competition

      (Bonus) 4.) watched a video of a child prodigy playing the piano on The Ellen Show

      Good eye :)

  2. Dennis

    Hey Nev,

    Thanks for this movie… This is exactly what i need to do today! Just keep surfing the web instead of doing my damn work on this Blue Monday!

  3. Chad

    That was surprisingly inspiring. I’ve been working on scheduling marketing and blog copy today and that really made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Well done. Good timing.

    1. Neville Post author

      Awesome Chad!

      I’m currently on a “finish off my email bender” after my SanFrancisco trip, and it’s taken 2+ hours. It’s just a matter of powering through it till the end

  4. Alex

    Distraction; one of life’s most irritable habits,. I find myself going from the kitchen back to the laptop, back to the kitchen for another cup of tea and stare at stuff.
    At least these days I don’t bother much with the likes of Facebook, because that’s always lurking behind different page tabs, but I still do look at some random, useless stuff in between doing actual work haha! *wanders off*

    1. Neville Post author

      I do work on a Macbook Air (I’m actually in Thailand right now writing this from the beach)! But for video editing and sometime at home I use the big 27″ iMac

      Both are wonderful!


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