Does Adsense Make Sense?

Well, judging from the comments, it seems people like Google Adsense slightly more than I do. Apparently I could make around $50 to $70 a month based on my site traffic (some sources I got elsewhere seemed conflicting), but I still will not partake in the program.

This blog was made in order for me to track my financial goals and track my progress, making money off the site would taint that. I know I would constantly check how much money I’ve made, and start making more posts that appeal to a broader audience if site traffic dictated how much money I make.

I generally wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to make an easy $50 per month, but this time I’ll let it slide! For all you bloggers who do use Adsense, I’ll continue to give you a click on each visit :-)
Might as well help spread the wealth!

On another note, I go back to Houston on Friday where I will be selling some condos over Spring Break!